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    Default Which Resort? First Time Couples Visitors

    Hello ---

    My wife and I really enjoy nude sunbathing so we were excited to find 3 of the 4 Couples Resorts offer Nude Sunbathing, but looking at the resorts they all look awesome. So it's becoming a tough decision! I need recommendations!

    Like I said we enjoy nude sunbathing and aren't worried about people seeing us. We are in our early 30's. We'd like to do some other activities while we are on vacation such as golf and snorkeling.

    Help me decide!

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    Hey TravelOften, fellow Minnesotans here. We have stayed multiple times at two of the resorts with nude areas (Negril & Tower Isle.) and have visited the third one a few times (San Souci). Shoot me an email and I'd be happy to answer your questions and give you some suggestions.

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    CTI has both golf and snorkling. They also have scuba diving, horse back riding, Duns River Falls and the Island for nude sunbathing. The island however does not have much of a beach to speak of. It is a great place to meet fun people and have a great memorable vacation. You can also go to the right side of the island and keep to yourselves if you so choose. My wife and I absolutely love CTI, but that doesn't mean you will too.

    Now if you really love to snorkel, I heard t it is pretty good around the Island. The only thing is you will not be allowed to take their equipment to the island but if you bring your own you you can boat over to the island and snorkel in the buff.
    We did spend a few hours at CSS (Sunset Beach) and really enjoyed it, but we found we liked the island much better...Just a personal preference.
    No matter which one you pick... YOUR RIGHT!

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