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    Default Nudists visiting

    We are thinking about booking CTI for November, we enjoy nude sunbathing, is this the right resort for us??

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    There is nude sunbathing on the private off-shore island. We are returning to CTI for trip 6 on Saturday.

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    The private island is fantastic. We spend much of the week on the island. It is one of the most relaxing places on earth. It has a small swin up pool / bar, buffet lunch and a number of areas to suntan. And always a great crowd.
    It was actaully rated one of the Top 10 Nude Beaches in the World, even though it does not technically have a beach.
    We arrive this Thursday and will be on the island Friday. You will LOVE Couples and CTI!

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    No nudity allowed at the resort itself. You take a pontoon boat to an Island in the bay that is all nude. You may tan on the island roughly from 9-5 each day.

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    I would recommend CSS for nude sunbathing. Much larger beach that you can walk to and from your room.


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    Well, the nice thing about CTI is the Isle is Au Naturel only, and gets decent sun the whole day. The downside is (although we didn't run into this) that because it is an Isle, they ferry you out on a pontoon boat, and if the weather isn't cooperating (too windy, waves too high) the Isle is closed.

    We were there in early November 2011, and the Isle was open every day we were there. It was our first AN experience, and I think it helped both of us that:
    A) The right side of the Isle is for couples that aren't interested in being social
    B) The resort wasn't that busy

    If you're used to AN, then it won't matter to you which side you visit.
    I'm going to point you towards my posting in the "Feedback after your vacation" thread in the AN section too:


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    Three of the Couples resorts have AN areas. You will get many different opinions about which is best. Some as you have seen above like CTI and the island. Others like CN and their section of the beach. We personally love CSS and SSB. If you are already a "nudist" any of these would suit you just fine. Take your pick of the one where the resort looks like it is what you want (all of them are great, but different) because from my experience and what I have read on this board, any of the AN areas would suit you just fine.

    Also, take a look/read on the Aunatural section of the message board. It should give you some insite on all three of the AN areas.

    Welcome to the Couples family.

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    i dont think you can walk to and from your room at CSS-NAKED! We just got home and never saw it.But,I do recommend CSS highly.Great beach,pool etc for nudity.

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    I am not a fan of nude sunbathing but I would feel it depends on what you like. We go to CN for the beach, one of the best. CTI and CSS are in Ochio Rio which is a little more rocky, CN is in Negril which a WONDERFUL beach, what I have heard is thy have a hot tub and bar for the nude sunbathers. The only downfall is anyone can swim in the water and walk the beach. The guards do keep people moving though. Just some things to think about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brent sabrina View Post
    i dont think you can walk to and from your room at CSS-NAKED! We just got home and never saw it.But,I do recommend CSS highly.Great beach,pool etc for nudity.
    No the only place you can be nude at the CTI, CSS, CN is the designated beach/island, oh and your room.

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    My hubby and I enjoy AN as well and are very happy at SSB! We usually are around the pool and will sometimes wander over to the beach to take a dip. Yes, there is a public beach next door and yes the fisherman meander by too. But I have never been sooooo relaxed and comfortable in my own skin! You have a beautiful pool with a swim through grotto and waterfall, swim up bar plus they bring food over at lunch time and there is a grill and you can order burgers and jerk chicken and the most amazing french fries!!!! This will be our 5th trip to CSS and SSB. On our trip last July we met 2 couples on SSB and we hit it off so well that we all agreed to meet back up again this July! I'm really excited to see them again! We have loved SSB so much we have never taken advantage of Trading Places to CTI, but this time since we will be at CSS for 10 days we think we can take a day and experience the Island! Really looking forward to it!

    No matter which resort you choose for nude sunbathing, I think you will have a wonderful trip!

    One Love,

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