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    Default Photo session at CTI

    I was thinking of signing up and getting some good pictures down when the hubby and I are there in August for our 2 year wedding anniversary. Was wondering if anyone has done this and would want to share and info or pictures )

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    We have been three times now, and unfortunately I didn't discover this service until the last trip! They are expensive but I love every picture and they are plastered around my house. And... you feel like a movie star with paparazzi following you are around. It's fun! You should definitely do it!Name:  img006.jpg
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    By "expensive" what do you mean? Do you mind giving an idea on pricing? My husband & I will be there July 7-14th for our 20th!

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    If I remember correctly, we paid $10 per 5x7 so we ended up with 8 pictures for $80. I was even able to scan 3 of them and have them blown up to 11x14 and the quality was still great!

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    i believe 12 photos is $120 w/ a free frame. I'll give you a link to my facebook wedding pics i also had a free session photo shoot and then you buy what photos you want. I was wearing the short white dress for these pics...and my wedding pics were the cti wedding photographer as well

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    Do you have to pay for the photo session or just the photos you want?

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    They also will sell you a CD with the pictures on them.

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    wow all your photos are so great!

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    Can we use our resort credit for this service? This will be our 5th trip to CTI and I really want to get some photos before we start looking like the grandparents we are!

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    The session is totally free - you just pay for the pictures that you want.

    Yes, you can use your resort credits.

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    Yes you can use your resort credit for photos!

    All the best!

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