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    We just got back from CSS and loved being able to order room service for meals if we did not want to go to a restautant. Do all the other couples properties have room service also? We are thinking of trying another resort next time and this is definetly a deciding factor

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    CTI does not offer room service. I think CSS is the only one.
    Irie Mon

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    CTI had room service for breakfast only.

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    CSS has room service for continental breakfast and for the rest of the day until 11 PM. You order off a great room service menu

    All the rest of the Couples resorts, CTI,CN and CSA only have room service for continental breakfast only until I think 11:00 AM

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    Full room service is ONLY at CSS all other Couples have continental breakfast room service only. We love CSS's room service to.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    CSS is the only resort that offers full room service. All the other resorts offer a continental breakfast only.

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    I think the Suites at CN offer room service for dinner, but you have to order the day before?? Will be able to tell you firsthand in 11 days!!!

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    Continental breakfast at the other 3 only!!!!!

    CSS is the only one that offers room service all meals.... LOVE that Filet Minon!!!!!!

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    We were at CSS in January, and the in suite dining was priceless since we simply had to watch the Steelers/Ravens game. However, the all day room service is unique to CSS. We've been to CSA, and only continental breakfast is offered for room delivery. It is the same at CTI and CN. It is nice that each resort has something unique to set it apart from the other Couples resorts.

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