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    Default Question for whiskey/scotch drinkers

    Can any recent visitors tell me if Glenlivet scotch is available at Couples Negril? Are there any other single malt whiskeys/whiskys available?

    This is the list I found from a 2010 forum post:

    Canadian Club –Canadian
    Chivas Regal Special – Scotch
    Dewar’s White Label – Scotch
    Crown Royal
    Glenlivet –Scotch
    J&B Rare –Scotch
    Jack Daniels – Tennessee
    Jameson –Irish
    Jim Beam – Bourbon
    JW Black Label –Scotch
    JW Red Label –Scotch
    Seagrams VO – Canadian
    Teachers -Scotch

    I've heard Highlanders is also available for your minibar - is it good?

    Thanks for reading!

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    It was when we were there last year. I sure hope it is again in November.
    Janice and Keith in FL

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    Glenlivet was the only Single malt I saw.

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    I don't know about CN, but the first year we were at CSS my husband wanted some Southern Comfort at SSB, the next day they had it. So if they don't just ask.

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    Thanks for the replies! My dad is a big fan of single malts so I'm glad they have at least one kind available. I'll ask if I don't see it in stock.

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