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    Default Place for groom to get ready at CSA

    Hi, we are getting married at CSA July 28th. Where did your grooms get ready while you were getting ready in your room? Our wedding coordinator said in email that he would be able to get ready at sports complex if he wanted to. Did any of your grooms do that?

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    My husband and I were married as CSA on April 26. I would say that is definitely an option to get ready at the sports complex. I had my hair and makeup done in the salon and then got ready in the bathroom area (with the changing rooms, showers, etc - actually was really nice area to get ready in). My now husband got ready in our room. I left that morning and we said our good byes not seeing each other again until our "first look" before the wedding. I took everything with me that I would need to the sports complex and it worked perfectly. Everyone over there was more than accommodating and did everything they could to help, including putting a trash bag on the floor for the train of my dress so it wouldn't get dirty.
    Another option is to make some friends during the few days you are there before your wedding and ask if he could get ready in their room. We made some friends who I felt would have been more than happy to let us use their room if we have asked and needed to.
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Everything will be perfect!

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    thanks so much for your information!! can't wait!!

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    I was wondering the same thing about CN..... I have been trying to figure out the logistics of it all because we also don't want to see each other until the wedding!

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