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    I have a question about Skype...We will be going to CSS in February and was wondering if anyone knows if CSS has the program already on thieir computers in the internet cafe??

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    Not sure but our laptop worked fine in our room in B block.

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    I'm not sure about CSS, but I do know that at CSA, CN and CTI they do not have skype loaded and the security settings, undersandably, will not allow you to upload software. I think you can safely assume that CSS does not have skype either. Also, the CPU's are in locked cabinets, so there is no access to USB ports to hook up a webcam if you were wanting to video skype.

    That being said, we have taken a laptop and used the available, free wifi service to video skype home. The connection speed was not always very fast, but it served its purpose.
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    Skype is not installed on the computers in the Games Room at CSS. If you want to use Skype will at CSS, you will either need to bring your laptop or better yet install it on your smartphone.
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