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    Default I wish CSA had this, or CN had that, or CTI needs this....


    Repeaters and guests who have vacationed at more than one Couples resort...

    After reading soooo many reviews, and after our first visit to CSA a few weeks ago, I thought I would ask this question;

    Is there one thing or a few things you wish CSA had that you loved at CTI? Or the reverse. It seems each resort offers something different but have the same concept.

    For instance someone on the boards asked if there is a Sea Grape Cafe at CN like there is at CSA and the answer was no, but I wish they all had a Sea Grape. Loved this place. What would u like to see at CSS that u enjoyed at CN?

    Any activity u wish they all had, or are they all the same?

    Is there anything you hope they never change that makes it unique or special from each other?

    Just curious about your thoughts on this and I look forward to your responses as always.

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    I love CN and it is my home. While I can get a good workout at the CN gym (and usually just run instead of going to the gym), I am just a bit envious of the CSA exercise facility. Yowza! That is a pretty great thing...but not nearly enough to sway me away from CN.

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    I wish CN had guest yoga instructors, an ala carte option for all meals, large terraces on their rooms and a cafe similar to Sea Grapes.

    I wish CSA had Otaheite and a nice main pool like at CN.

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    Having only been to CN and CTI, I can only speak for those, but here goes:

    I wish they all had a completely secluded AN beach. We went to the CN AN beach and were a little weirded out by the kids walking past.

    I wish they all had rooms like CN. I loved the fact that our room was down a beautiful little path that seemed to be made just for us.

    I wish they all had views like CTI. Our favorite is looking out over the bay and mountains in building 5.

    I wish they all had the breeze like CTI. I rarely get bitten by bugs at CTI, but in CN they attacked me!

    One thing that they all do have in common is the atmosphere and true couples vibe. That is what keeps us going back....

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    Wish they all still had the catamaran cruise. :-(

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    I really agree with everything caviargirl said. I love both the beaches at CN and CSA. I spend most of my time at the beach but late in the day I love to go to the pool bar at CN and enjoy all the people.

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    I wish they all had self serve coffee like CTI

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    We wish CSA had an A/N location. We know there is no place on the beach but a roof top terrace would be sweet too. A couple can dream right?

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    When we were at CTI a few years ago, they had these amazing chocolate croissants at the breakfast buffet. I was looking forward to them at CSA, but they didn't have them. But I love the beach and Atrium Suites at CSA

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    I wish CN had me sitting under that seagrape tree right now!!!!!

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    I wish CN had the sweet potato chips like CSA.

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    I wish CN, CSA, and CSS had indoor, air-conditioned workout facilities for their cardio and weight rooms and their studios. CN and CSS have air-conditioning for their cardio and weight rooms, and CSA has air-conditioning in its studio; only CTI has air-conditioning in both facilities. It's too warm to work out in the open-air facilities except in the very early morning.
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