Repeaters and guests who have vacationed at more than one Couples resort...

After reading soooo many reviews, and after our first visit to CSA a few weeks ago, I thought I would ask this question;

Is there one thing or a few things you wish CSA had that you loved at CTI? Or the reverse. It seems each resort offers something different but have the same concept.

For instance someone on the boards asked if there is a Sea Grape Cafe at CN like there is at CSA and the answer was no, but I wish they all had a Sea Grape. Loved this place. What would u like to see at CSS that u enjoyed at CN?

Any activity u wish they all had, or are they all the same?

Is there anything you hope they never change that makes it unique or special from each other?

Just curious about your thoughts on this and I look forward to your responses as always.