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    Default What to wear on evening at CSA?

    We're going to CSA for the first time July 21st to celebrate my 40th Birthday/have a wake for my youth What do the men & women wear to dinner and after? Does my DH need to bring pants? Do women wear "club clothes"? I've read that I really only need swimsuits & cover-ups during the day. Can my DH wear dress shorts to dinner?

    Any other tips for celebrating my birthday at the resort?

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    Wear what you would wear on a romantic evening out with your love. Men only need pants if you go to feather,on of the reservation restaurants.

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    Dress shorts are fine for all but Feathers, where your husband will need the long pants, collared shirt and closed toe shoes. Day wear is very casual. Swim suits and bare feet are acceptable at the Cabana Grill and at Seagrapes (both outdoor dining). Breakfast and lunch at Palms or Patois require just a cover up and some sort of foot wear, sandals or flip flops are cool. But once the sun goes down and it is dinner hour folks clean up a bit and break out the nicer dinner wear. Still quite casual by my standards.

    Tips? Relax. Don't try to do too much. Have fun.

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    Thank you!

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    Default tank tops for men at dinner except Seagrapes and Cabana. Palms (buffet) will allow them at breakfast and lunch,but dinner they want sleeves.
    Most women were in sun dresses or shorts with sandals. Most men were in shorts and short sleeves many polo and Hawaiian shirts with sandals. You could usually tell when people were going to Feathers... the men were in their long pants and loafer shoes.
    With the exception of Feathers, all the restaurants are "open-air" (read > mosquito friendly) where bug repellant.

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    Hi ElizabethNDP!

    IT's me arockerphoto from IG. My husband and I will be arriving this saturday! We are both super excited and are all ready to go! I plan on starting my packing tomorrow!

    To answer your question, we haven't been there before either but have been told to bring several swimsuits and coverups for the day. For the night time I am bringing maxi dresses and summer dresses. My husband got some linen pants and button up shirts. Of course we are both packing shorts.

    Oh and a good tip my friend told me, is to not pack heels but to bring wedges instead.

    Glad I found you on here!

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    My hubby wore nice cargo shorts and a polo for most places and I wore a sundress our a blouse and nice shorts. Non flip flop nice sandals are okay for everyone to wear. My hubby wore his tennis shoes a lot. Feathers is the only place that requires you to wear closed toe shoes and long pants for men. They want it to have a more elegant atmosphere. I heard a guest say that during orientation they said men are no longer required to wear closed toe shoes at Lemon Grass but I would confirm that with Couples first.

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