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    Does it work in Jamaica?

    I'm guessing it doesn't, but thought I'd check.

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    Not sure, but I know that Pandora does not. It can tell from the IP address of the resort that you are not in the US.
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    If it has anything at all to do with US copyright licensing, its normally safe to assume that any service streaming licensed material will not work outside of the US.

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    well that sucks, b/c I just started using it this weekend and LOVE it... i'm still in my free period... do any of you pay the $10/month to use it? trying to decide...

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    If you pay for Premium, "make available offline" any playlist you would like to bring with you and they should play just fine from your phone. Just remember to turn off all data on your phone. ie-Unselect data roaming, unselect background data unselect data enabled. Otherwise you could be suprised with a huge bill when it comes after your trip. Hope it helps!

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