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    Default I have NEVER been called ghetto before!

    I just read a review of CSS from tripadvisor and was taken aback when the reviewer stated that the people who stay here were people who shop at wal-mart and are ghetto. Yeah, i occasionally like to shop there, but ghetto? seriously. They also stated that the spa services were overpriced. Seriously? I live near Atlantic City, NJ. The prices are less at CSS! They said they like to spend money, but I don't know about that. I like to spend money too (my hubby will attest to that) but I was glad they enjoyed the property and staff. Makes me wonder about them


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    Don't let it bother you. I hardly ever pay any attention to the TA posts. And a person who uses the term "ghetto" has no idea how derogatory that is.
    The posts here on the MB are much more likely to be honest and true.

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    The world is full of people with low self esteem that need to make themselves feel better by putting others down.

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    While we've encountered a few/several guests over the years that we wouldn't choose to socialize with at home, most of the people we've met have been pleasant. It is possible that the majority of guests at CSS the particular week Dwight C stayed there were "rednecks and kinda ghetto," but I think it's extremely "ghetto" to resort to name calling when you encounter people who are different from you (which is surprising, given that Dwight is from NYC, where you see people from everywhere every day!) and to imply that they are "lesser" beings.

    I found a couple of his comments odd, given that he lives in NYC, so I'll just address them. Dwight classifies himself as a "Ritz Carlton type of person" and states that Couples' spa services "were WAYYYYYY over priced," so I decided to compare the spa prices at Couples with prices in NYC, Dwight's home.

    I live in Westchester, just a 40-minute train ride outside of NYC, so I’m not an infrequent visitor. When we have guests and I entertain in the city, it’s not uncommon for me to schedule massages and facials at one of my two favorite spas: Bliss Spa or the Peninsula Spa. Here’s a breakdown/comparison of massage prices:

    Couples: $110 – 55-minute Swedish massage; $130 – 55-minute deep tissue/sports massage

    Bliss: $120 – 49-minute Swedish massage; $150 – 60-minute deep tissue/sports massage

    Peninsula: $195 – 60-minute Swedish, aromatherapy, or sports massage

    Ritz Carleton: $200 – 60-minute Swedish or sports massage

    A comparison of spa prices in Dwight’s home city shows that Couples’ spa prices should not have provoked sticker shock.

    As far as restaurant reservations go, the guy lives in NYC! Reservations shouldn’t come as a shocker! I tried to get reservations at WD-50 for this weekend 30 days in advance, and the earliest time available was 10 pm. Again, the need for reservations is nothing that should have induced shock in a New Yorker.

    Lastly, Mr. Ritz Carlton refers to a “fancy dress code.” There is NOTHING “fancy” about a collared shirt and pants. Khakis and a polo shirt fit the bill and can't be classified as anything other than casual dress. This is hardly formal wear. I can’t imagine that anyone would expect to dine in a Ritz Carlton-esque establishment wearing any less “fancy” duds. It's not as if Casanova still requires a dinner jacket for men.

    I don't know what this guy expected. Perhaps his attitude put a lot of people off, or perhaps he just didn't spend enough time reading information about the resort to know what to expect. If he ever finds his way to the MB, perhaps he can refer us all to a Ritz Carlton type of establishment that offers the same type of experience that Couples does but with lesser prices and more substantial people!
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    Well I like CSS and I shop at Walmart. Must be ghetto too!

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    Default This reviewer on tripadvisor is a goof!

    Quote Originally Posted by keki60 View Post
    I just read a review of CSS from tripadvisor and was taken aback when the reviewer stated that the people who stay here were people who shop at wal-mart and are ghetto. Yeah, i occasionally like to shop there, but ghetto? seriously. They also stated that the spa services were overpriced. Seriously? I live near Atlantic City, NJ. The prices are less at CSS! They said they like to spend money, but I don't know about that. I like to spend money too (my hubby will attest to that) but I was glad they enjoyed the property and staff. Makes me wonder about them

    I saw your post and had to go and read his review, as he states he is a ritz type like we care! so that explains alot in my opinion, No offense to the ritz, so he should be comfortable paying the fees at the spa right! Im from wisconson and the prices are very similar to couples. plus he states he was there for New Years , so why so late on the review? really hes so busy that he cant review till six months later. Probably just a snob trying to rock the boat! If you read he says he didnt know if hed come back , but then says another couples resort might do..The guy is a walking talking contradiction!!NO WORRIES!!!!

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    some people are just too stuck up, always pretending as if they are super rich and hotels like couples aint up to their high standards smh

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    Wal-Mart is a smart place to shop, not ghetto. They have very good prices...just ask Clark Howard. Sounds like that Tripadvisor reviewer is a real snob who looks down their noses at all other people! Lets hope they don't return to Couples.
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    LMAO!! This is soo funny!

    I shop at walmart and I don't think that outlines who I am as a person. People just crack me up! My guess is these people have never even seen ghetto, hilarious!

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    Sounds like an extreme case of snobishness. That is one of the TA reviews you throw out as worthless.

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    They sound a bit snooty and cheap.

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    Love CSS. I myself have never been called "ghetto" either. Must have to consider the source. If CSS is "ghetto" then I would LOVE to live there.

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    I read that review also and couldn't believe it. For people that say they are the Ritz Carlton type they should of been used to having to make reservations for dinner

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    That review was just nasty!! Some people just have to complain for no good reason!

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    LOL! Didn't know that we were ghetto either. We were also at CSS over new years, as was the ritz Carlton reviewer. We have stayed at several ritz Carlton's and many all inclusive resorts.... As for Walmart, don't like it too well because for some reason people's kids seem to get really out of control there and it irritates me. Guess I better learn to love it since that is where the reviewer thinks we belong...ha ha!

    We loved loved loved CSS. In all fairness to the reviewer, we did have one group that could probably fit his description. There was a large group of young people, probably early 20s. ( i am not discriminating, i am 34) They took over a large area on the beach, some days they had loud music, they were smoking heavily, wrestling, swearing, throwing a football which took up a large portion of beach when you consider the CSS beach size. We sat at the far end of the beach and generally stayed clear of them. When we were in the water and they got in, we had to get out. They enjoyed having sand fights where they all picked up wet sand, balled it up and threw it at one another. This was pretty annoying but they left a few days into our trip. I heard they were stayed in the beachfront suites and some other guests said they were causing some disturbances down there coming in late being really drunk and loud for many hours, blaring music and being passed out outside when people got up in the morning. We stayed in a 1 bedroom ocean suite in F block so no problems for us.

    Aside from this group, which can and does happen everywhere, we thought the resort and clientele were just fine!

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    Guys, PLEASE stop being offended by TripAdvisor comments. Ignorance and a keyboard, combined with relative anonymity, give people a platform to shout at the masses, no matter what the subject. That individual wouldn't think to say something like that to a person on the street, and is likely embellishing to boost their fragile ego.

    Keep it irie; move on.

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    I actually was fine with being a redneck, walmart shopping, Carnival cruise gal. Heck, I can also be a Ritz-Carlton, foie gras loving and classical music afficiendo. but I prefer to be who I am. And that includes getting ghetto on his a$$. HAHAHAHAHA. i feel sorry for him, sounds like he doesnt know how to relax and enjoy life

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    Hot dang, I'm goin to css to get er done.

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    As Pamela did a great job of pointing out, that person doesn't sound nearly as "Ritz-Carlton" as they think they are. Basically, they are pretending to be pretentious without having the means to back it up which is evident by the countless contradictions in their review. Having lived in both NYC and Hollywood I've known plenty of those types. Someone who is really a "Ritz-Carlton type" knows that Jamaica is not the French Riviera and they know what to expect. If you're looking for a St. Tropez style vacation then you should probably just go to St. Tropez.

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    I'm surprised his head fit through the door. I live in Northern Kentucky and our spa prices are higher than Couples, except for the manicure/pedicures but that is because there is a nail salon in every strip mall.

    Oops, shopped at WalMart today because they have the 10 spf sunscreen I want for $5/bottle.

    The review takes me back to review someone did of a family resort where, OMG no one else was carrying an LV handbag, let alone a D & B or Coach! Oh, and heaven forbid, there were children at this family resort! Some people just need to get out experience the real world.

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    I think the TA numbers speak for themselves:

    Excellent = 1549 (65%)
    Very Good = 478 (20%) 85% of the reviews are Very Good or better.
    Average = 164 (7%)
    Poor = 117 (5%)
    Terrible = 59 (2.5%)

    CN numbers from TA are similar:
    Excellent = 1424 (67%)
    Very Good = 471 (22%) 89% of the reviews are Very Good or better.
    Average = 129 (6%)
    Poor = 81 (4%)
    Terrible = 31 (1%)

    The truth of the matter (that we all know) is that Couples staff all try their best to make every stay EXCELLENT for EVERY guest, and I think the numbers show that. I would bet my bottom dollar that the vast majority of the Poor/Terrible experiences are more a reflection of the guest than the resort.


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    They can call it whatever they want but I'm going back and will return again and again and again....

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    What a poser.

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    If loving CSS makes me "ghetto," then just call me "GHETTO-FABULOUS!" I also shop at Wal-Mart!

    One Love and Respect to my "Peeps!"

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    I have pointed out the numbers before here on another thread and I agree. CSS has very a very high approval rating. I look at it like this:

    10% will hate a place, 10% will love a place, and everyone else will fit somewhere in between.

    Seeing CSS has only 2.5% who hate it and 65% who love it, that tells you how good the resort is. Even add the poor rating to the terrible and still only 7.5% didn't have a good experience. Add the very good rating to the excellent rating and it's a 90% approval rating.
    Keep in mind that there are those who were born to complain and never happy with anything.
    We have met some great people there. Some of the nicest people you will ever meet will be found at SSB.
    So if CSS and the guests are rednecks and ghetto, then giddy up and lets go shopping at Walmart!!!!

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