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    Ghetto-fabulous!! Awesome!!!
    @scorpiogal- that was a shame that such a large group disturbs the bliss of CSS. Luckily for you they left, but I can understand where there would be bad reviews for that week, especially if the person stayed the whole time they were there.
    My hubby and I stayed when there was a huge wedding of over 50 guests, And honestly if it wasnt for the fact that we met most of them and chatted, we never would have known.
    Nicest group and a beautiful wedding. I sort of crashed it, after my spa visit. I also think that CSS got a lot of
    new CSS groupies from the wedding.

    I normally don't take offense at anything on trip advisor and I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion. BUT I just felt compelled to share this.
    Peace out,

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    We don't care what others think, 3 years in a row to CSS and NEVER an issue with anything, ALWAYS completely satisfied. Oh and some of the clothes we wear whiles there, yup bought at Wal Mart.

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    Well, I have been called "ghetto" and I do shop at WalMart since that's the only place that carries replacement blades for my electric razor. And, if the truth be told, the best food is found in the "ghetto". So, with my 25 plus years of going to Couples, I would have to say the guy must be talking about me. Sorry to bring the rest of you down to this level, but perhaps it will keep Mr. Ritz Carlton away from the resorts we "ghetto" folk like to call our home away from home.

    As far as Trip Advisor is concerned, I took a recommendation from there only once, several years ago, for a resort in Fiji. The reviews raved about the place. The resort's website was incredible: great photos, wild videos, testimonials from, of all places, Trip Advisor comments. Should have rung a bell but it didn't. Booked 5 nights, stayed one. The place was a dump. So you can read Trip Advisor all you want, but remember 99% of it is fiction.
    Ricky Ginsburg
    On the web, always open

    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    Went to Wal Mart today to pick up some things for our trip this week!!! Can't wait!

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    I thought it was a noun - shows what I know!

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    Name:  My Friends.JPG
Views: 1728
Size:  77.3 KB I am coming in June and I will be traveling with a group of my friends (pictured here!!
    Ohio Couple...looking forward to shots of Appleton and Jamaican food and the SSB experience!

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    We are taking our first trip to that side of the island in a month. I'm so ready to be ghetto it's not even funny. I wonder if we will be ghetto at CSA too.

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    I prefer Target and K Mart. LOL

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    Sounds exactly like what my 14 year old daughter would write! I am constantly being called ghetto, sketchy, creepy, etc... by her. I am going to have to check to be sure she didn't sneak on to TA and write this, so maybe we wouldn't go away for 10 days without her again. And, at 14, she would definitely consider herself a Ritz person. Hmmmm, definitely going to have to investigate further!

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