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    Default CTI Mini Bar Question

    We will be staying in a room at CTI that has a mini bar. I was wondering... What is provided with the mini bar? Ice? Shot glasses? A shaker?


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    You'll get an ice bucket....glasses, I don't think there was a shaker. There will be some top shelf alcohol, and in your fridge you'll have soda, red stripe, and some different juices (pineapple, orange, cranberry, tomato).

    We added our bottle of champange. Hope this helps!

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    Glasses and tools are there you may have to request bottles and sign(I guess it's high security) Ice machine is down the hall.

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    the mini bar is part of the all inclusive price correct?

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    Anyone know if wine is included in the mini bar? Thanks!

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    The wine question was just asked because some mini bars seem to have it and some did not, we had no problems getting it at CSS, and Randymon's answer was ask and you shall receive.

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    The mini bar is included in the price of a Suite. Standard rooms at CTI do not have a Mini Bar.

    If you want wine all you have to do is ask for it. You can go to main bar or to the main desk and make your request.
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    The mini-bar is included in the price of the suite. I do not think wine is included in the mini-bar, but you can ask for it.

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