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    Default How long before you leave for Jamaica...

    do you get out your suitcases and start packing?

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    Just unpacked from CSS! but repacking for June next year!!

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    I want to pull my luggage out today ( we have 8 days to go!) but my Hubby told me to wait till 3 days before because he wants to be able to find his clothes and doesn't want them all packed. Maybe I will pack my stuff, or maybe just pull out the luggage or maybe just some of our non-clothing stuff, or . . . yeah, I guess it just depends on how busy you are and how excited.

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    Three days. The first day is for the main packing and to see what we need to buy in the way of clothes. The second day is for detail packing - the stuff we missed on the first day. The day of departure is toiletries, a couple of nice shirts, back up the main computer to my Netbook, and grab my snorkel bag out of the closet.

    For over 25 years of travel to Couples, I always did carry-on. No more. Who needs to schlep a suitcase around the airport? My snorkel bag is a backpack style with room for flip-flops that I change into at the Couples lounge and stuff my sneakers in their place. The little bag my Netbook goes into has room for its charger, my underwater camera, a small cellphone, passports, wallet, plane tickets, and a bottle of Gray's Pepper Sauce - don't leave home without it.
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    We got back from our Florida trip with our girls on June 10th. We leave for CN on July 7th. I just left the suitcases out from our family trip and just repacked what I knew we would need that we had taken to Florida with us. Each day I mess around with packing a little bit. So I guess you could say I start about a month in advance!!!

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    We leave this coming Monday. We have been organizing throughout this past week but won't start packing till Saturday. 4 more days till CN!

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    We leave this Saturday and we can't wait! Just about packed and we are ready to relax and have a great time!m

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    A couple of days or the Weekend before. We have 101 days to wait until we are there.

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    We will start packing the weekend before our trip. We live in FL so pack clothes we wear here when we go to JA so it is an easy process. We also travel carry on only which makes life simple.

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    4 weeks!! woot woot

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    296 days haha!

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    7 days till departure for CSS!!! Haven't packed yet!! Gotta get the kids packed for grandmas first!!!!!

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    We pull the suitcases out and start filling them up with a lot of things from our packing list on the Saturday, 2 weeks before we leave. This has become a very pleasant tradition for us!

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    Got the suitcases out today and started to get organized. We leave on a red-eye on Friday, but we are out of town this weekend. Trying so hard not to over-pack, so starting a week prior to leaving. 8 sleeps and one long red-eye flight and we will be at CSA!

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    8 days, 15 hours, 48 minutes - or so. I've already started laying stuff out on the bed and will get the suitcases out this weekend. I hope to be packed by Thursday and we leave on Saturday morning. I'm sooooooooooo excited!!!!

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    We always go in the winter months and while I don't get the suitcases out til the week before I have learnt a little trick. We live in Canada so after about mid Sept have no need for summer clothes. I get out my suitcases and put in the clothes that I will take with me to jamaica and put them in my spare room. When it comes time to pack whatever i want to take is in the suitcase and I just iron or fluff up what is needed.

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    17 long months!! I'm really going to miss going this year. The airfares are getting worse all the time.I might have to ride my bike
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    I start putting things in my bag today and we have 19 more days. It is mainly to get them out of the way. Sunscreen and floats, snorkels and masks. I keep a separate toiletries bag that is always ready. It has two weeks worth of meds and everything else I use. I have plenty of swim ware so all my suits are packed. I ware gym shorts at home. If I get my bag done then anything that pops up at work won't get me frazzled when it comes down to crunch time. I am able to get chargers cameras, and docs in my netbook case also. It is packed. I founf dual usb chargers at target so we can charge our phones, kindles, and some portable speakers I have that run off a battery or a usb plug. I keep our pass ports in our next trip folder with all the resort and airline info. I also keep it in my notes on my phone. I keep a file for vacation emails in my yahoo account which I can access on my phone. Two days out I will grab my file and put it in my netbook case. The wife is out of town so I have packed my shirts and slacks today.
    It feels like forever getting through these last 10 days.

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    7 more days til CSS! We will start packing this weekend!

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    140 days. We don't pack until the night before we leave, but we have three previous trips that let us know what we need to pack ... and what we don't!
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    About 9.5 HOURS,, WHOOT WHOOT

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    We did the SDD (single digit dance) this morning when we got up
    9 days til we leave for our home in Jamaica


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    We do the SDD tomorrow!!!! CSS here we come 10 days and counting BOOOOP Get money!!!!

    Married 7/11/11 CN
    CSS Bound 7/6/12-7/16/12

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    5 days and counting!!!!!!
    ya mon

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    35 days we leave the house to head up to DC and then leave the following morning to fly to Jamaica

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