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    Default CSA photos

    Going to CSA for the first time for my honeymoon and wondering if anyone would be willing to share photos of the resort. The ones on the website are nice but I would like to see CSA from the customer view if anyone is willing to share.

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    Check out to see some great photos. Don't take the negative reviews too seriously.

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    Here is another great spot to check out some CSA photos:

    It is so beautiful!!! Completely relaxing. When are you going to be there? We are June 30th-July 9th!

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    Check out trip advisor. There are some great pics posted by guests. You will love CSA.

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    There is a site that has photos from guests at CSA,
    Or just go to the Flickr site and put in Couples Swept Away in the search box. Lots and lots of photos

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    Thanks Everyone!

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    Im not sure how you can view them, but I have a couple small albums on here on my profile from our stay at CTI and CSA, I also have tons of others I should probably upload when I get some free time! CSA Is gorgeous you will love it!

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    Once again thank you for the quick replies. So far the photos have made me wish I was there right now! Cant wait to spend 7 days in paradise.

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