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    Default CTI- long weekend: What's Top 5 Things to Do?

    Hi All!

    First, let me go ahead and say thank you. I love this site already! It "sealed the deal" for our trip.

    We fly out of Atl Fri am and fly out of Jamaica late Monday.

    We are looking forward to the AN beach and snorkeling and that's pretty much all we have made up our minds to do.

    B/C of our short stay, here are a couple of ?s for the experts.

    1. We want the best room with the best view, preferrably away from the crowd? Which one do we book?
    2. Out of all the restaurants onsite, which are "Can't Miss/Must Try"?
    3. Is there one excursion worth the significant hunk of time it takes? (I'm thinking NO on horses, sightseeing, and shopping).
    4. And finally, what MUST we do or try?

    Thanks again and see you soon!!!

    Jules and Dave

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    1. Most people prefer ocean view. If you want the best in this category, you should probably look into a superior Oceanor one of the ocean suites.

    2. You will have 3 nights to dine at Couples. I would reccommend that you try 8 Rivers, Bayside and The Veranda for dinner.

    3. The only excursion you might want to consider is Duns River Falls but, to be honest, since your time at the resort will be so short, I would recommend just hanging out at the resort and relaxing instead.

    4. I like to think that there are no must do's at CTI. There are such a wide variety of experiences and things to do that everyones list of favorite things tends to be different. Since your interested in the Au Natual experience (which is one of my personal favorite things about the resort), I reccomend that you head out to the island at you first opportunity. Many people try the island on the last day of their trip and end up wishing they had spent most of their vacation there.

    You will love Couples Tower Isle. My wife and I will soon be returning for our 7th visit. The top notch staff, the beautiful facilities and grounds, the amazing ocean vistas and, most of all, the resort's inescapable sense of relaxation and romance keep us coming back year after year.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip!

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    I'd recommend the horses, it.s only about 2 hours and very enlightening. I was at CTI 8/19 take the ocean front rooms.

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    Must do at CTI--RELAX! Pool Gala is on Saturday, Friday is Lobster night at all restaurants. All are worth a try, but we weren't impressed with the food at Bayside either cuisine they offered--used to be Italian now Thai and we like both types of food. The ambiance there is nice though being out over the water. If you truly feel the need to go off resort I have two suggestions--1. Do the Power Walk with Alford. You walk up into the countryside and see a little bit of the real Jamaica. You are gone about 45 minutes. The other is the standard trip to Dunns River Falls. Someone posted recently about having to rent lockers there, but we don't take anything of value and leave our towels on the bus. We were our suits and we don't take any money except a tip for the driver and guide. Now the flea market people will agree to meet you at the hotel, but we just say no. AS for a room that is away from everything, I would suggest building 4 or 5 as they are the furthest from lobby and pools, but no room is very far. You could always book garden view and they would be pretty quiet also. Building 5 you will have a view of the villa next door and the ocean, buidling 4 a view of the ocean.

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    Hey Jules and Dave!!

    You picked a wonderful resort first off!! CTI is our home and our first trip there was three nights also. We are now up to 7 LOL. Our first trip we did Dunns River and the horseback riding. The rest of the time was spent meeting new folks and soaking up the sun. Make sure you eat at Bayside, the setting just can't be beat. 8 Rivers, is must if you like fine dining. Try not to wear yourself out, remember you can always come back....what am I saying??? I mean YOU WILL BE BACK!!

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    I would do Dunns River falls. It is only a 2 hour trip.
    Irie Mon

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    thanks so much!!! keep the suggestions coming!!

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    jules if you are flying friday am chances are you will arrive at cti by 2-3 pm... that leaves laterafternoon friday and all day sat and sunday. With that said why not soak in CTI get nekkid enjoy the sun and the folks ....the excursion will always be there,. One thing that rings thru the posts are the couples clients and the service /food of the resort take the 2 days relax and drink in the resort if you love it great if you dont you gave it a fair shot ... Then as other have stated chaces are you will book a return trip for a longer stay which will give you the wall time to balance out the allure of the resort and the excursions enjoy

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    Don't wear yourselves out - remember, you are on vacation in one of the most romantic places. I was able to do most of the excursions while we were there. Dunn's was great - where else are you going to go and get a chance to climb a waterfall starting out from the beach! Must try 8 Rivers - very classy. Also, enjoy a jerk burger at the grill. The island is the best. Very relaxing. We also did the scuba diving for beginners - watersports guys are very thorough and wonderful to learn from. Enjoy!

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