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    Default CSA's Verandah Question BFVS, OVS, GVS

    I booked a GVS for March after previously staying in a BFVS 2 other stays. (I needed to save money),but wanted to know is OVS that much better than GVS, I know one block is behind another, but the OVS just seem to me in the middle of nowhere, meaning If I upgrade I mine as well book the beachfront, I'm I right?.

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    You are ruined We stayed in a BFVS twice and just last month did an OVS. Same room layout/verandah, but I felt out of the action! We could see the ocean partially. There is just nothing like being right out front and steps away from the water!!! Upgrade

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    Yeh you are right ! Iv'e decided either to really save the full amt of money and stay with the GVS or somenhow find a way to upgrade fully to a BFVS. That's what I thought about the OVS it's really a tease, and all you get to look at is the hot tub and partial view of the ocean. (my cousin stayed in the OVS on our last trip and that's the feeling I got.) Thanks for confirming this !!!

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    Our OVS last year was very close to the beach and we had great views from the terrace. The bonus is that it was also away from the busiest foot traffic areas.

    We enjoyed it very much.

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