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    Default CSS Rooms with the big balconies

    Hi Folks,

    We are planning a second trip to CSS and have a question about rooms types. We had a beachfront quite the last time and are interested in being up on the hill this time. So, what is the room type that gives you the suites with the huge balconies? We wanted to avoid any possibility of getting the rooms with the very small balconies up on the hill. Thanks so much.


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    We were in a one bedroom suite (G-9) and it had a huge balcony. However, I believe the trade off is a small bathroom, which was fine with us.

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    Artie - The one bedroom suite right next door, G 8, has a huge bathroom, with 2 separate vanities and a large walk-in shower. Not all of the one bedroom ocean suites have the same type of bathroom.

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    The Prime Minister Suite.
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    We had a Verandah Suite in Dahlia, (D8) that had a huge balcony.

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    KarenON, Thanks for the info! Hopefully next time (Feb 25, 2013) we get a larger bathroom AND a huge baclony!

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