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    Default CSA Garden Verandah Suites Question compared to a BFVS

    I stayed at CSA 3 times before and stayed once in a BFS and twice in a BFVS. I booked for March 2013 , to save money (since we will be going in peak season) I booked a GVS. My question is I have been hearing a lot of problems with road noise and noise from the carts going back and forth in reviews. The weird thing is some say it's no problem, while others say splurge and upgrade. I know there is an older and newer section of the GVS'S, While I requested to be in the new section, not sure I'm getting it. Is the road noise worse in the old section?. (rooms closer to lobby) Really don't want to be disappointed plus the couple we are going with also booked a GVS and it's their first time there.
    Might have to think about upgrading if this is really such a problem. Has anyone else stayed in a BFVS and then downgraded to a GVS when returning on next visit , just trying to feel if I will be that upset since by March it will be 4 years since returning. Also I know the Verandah's are the same room just location,but it does seem like a couple of GVS look different, is this because some are located in the old and others in the new. , it seems like I saw 4 different versions.

    Any Info will help

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    I have stayed in all 3 and the noise is different for everyone. It has never bothered me but it might bother you. All the gvsuites are about the same distance from the road, older or newer section. You are not in your room much during the day I hope and that is when there is the most traffic. The traffic is light at night so calm down REALLY! It's not like there's a freeway outside your door and the occasional cart rolling by shouldn't bother anyone. If it does, you have a problem. I will always book the garden vs from now on, we just don't spend that much time there to justify the money. Stop freaking out and enjoy your trip.

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    I'll just add that I'm a very light sleeper at home and with all the sun,fun and booze, I sleep really well. Have an extra adult beverage!

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    We stayed in the old GVS on our first visit and loved it. We selected an atrium room on our second visit, and after 2 nights, we asked to be moved to a GVS. We liked it better. The glass on the windows makes it quieter. We were both times by the road, but that never seemed to play a factor though we always travel with a sound machine. We stopped by to visit a relative in her BFVS and like you said, it was the same room, just different location. We loved the way our room was tucked back in the foliage in both the old and new section. We loved our view overlooking the koi pond and as we were on the third floor, we could actually see the ocean from our balcony. If cash is an issue, or even if it isn't, to me the GVS was great! We will never book anything other than a GVS!

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    Thanks for the Info
    This helped a lot !!

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