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    Default moses who sings at negrill

    hi i was wondering if anyone new the guy moses thats sings an negrill some night? its just im looking to buy his cd as an aniveisrsay present? ive tried his website an tried emailing him but nothing! would b great if anyone could help thanks

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    His name is Moses Beckford, Shyam. I have all three of his cd's. I bought all of them off him in jamaica. Try contacting him though Facebook. He usually will get back to you there. He is a very gifted singer.

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    I will be going to CN/CSA the end of August. If you have no luck getting in touch with him by then let me know. I will be happy to bring some back to send to you.

    We saw him back in 2006 and loved him. I wanted to get his CD back then but was not feeling well the second week we were there on the night he was there. I have been dreaming of hearing him again since then! I will NOT miss getting his music this time around!!!!

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    Where does he sing? If he's good I'd like to see him the next time we are in Negril.

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