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    Default Quiet drivers on your transfers????

    I find this so amazing everytime I read these types of comments, after 3 trips and 3 off site excursions I have found that Jamaican people are very respectful people, they will respect your privacy and may appear to be quiet, BUT all you have to do is engage them in conversation and you will quickly find out, they also love to talk, and to teach people about their island home and culture.

    So to those of you who have said your driver's were quiet, my question to you is.... were you?

    All you have to do is ask a simple question and get them going, show them that you are interested in talking and learning otherwise they will indeed respect your privacy.

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    Marie, most of our trips have been just like you said. however last April our trip was so boring as the gentleman driving was spoke to several times and never really got responsive to us. it was also the SLOWEST trip we have ever had. he wasn't moving it down the road and our trip to Negril was well over two hours.

    so i guess it does happen sometimes.


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    All you have to open with is..."Tell me about JA" the trip will fly from there. They are VERY proud of their country and love talking about it. Chat it up folks.

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    We always seem to get the bus to ourselves and I do not think we have gotten that much farther than the exit to the airport when we are usually asked "Is this your first time to Jamaica?" from there the party starts we love to talk to the driver about everything that is going on in Jamaica and many times they want to know what is going on up in the states. Usually the discussion goes on until we pull up to the resort.. It kicks off a great vacation every time!

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    We had an awesome driver on our way to CSA. He was very chatty and played great reggae music. The driver on the way home was depressing. He played sappy break-up songs and never said a word.

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    Randy -

    I think we had that driver on our first trip to CSA. The ride took over two hours, and although we (ok, Doug) tried to talk to him, he answered with one word answers. (And trust me, Doug could get a rock to talk to him. He LOVES talking to people and learning about the cultures and country of the places we travel to.) I know that he COULD speak, however, since an hour into the ride, he answered his cell phone, and proceeded to talk expansively to someone for the remainder of the trip. LOL. I will admit.... we were a hair suspect when we arrived at the resort. Once there, however, wow!!

    And since that time, we've had some great (and MUCH faster) drivers.

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    We have had some drivers that are real friendly and talked a lot and some that did not. It all depends on the driver and the mood they are in. I think the more friendly ones get more tips.
    Irie Mon

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