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    Default Travel Adaptor - from UK

    Just under 4 weeks until we are there

    Just wondering what type of travel adapter we need for our electrical item - have had a look on ebay etc but have not got a clue if they are compatable in Jamaica

    Thanks in advance

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    What electrical current is used in Jamaica?

    Its 110 volts, 50 cycles – US & Canadian electrical devices will work

    So if you find a UK to US converter, that should work.
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    Default Adaptors from UK

    We have never been able to get our electricals to work properly. We are on 220v and Jamaica is 110v. Even with adaptors, hairdryers, straighteners etc didn't work. I suppose you would have to get some sort of voltage converter.

    After four visits to Jamaica, we have given up on electricals. I now have a set of straightners from the US which work perfectly because they work off the same voltage.

    Just go with the flow - there are hairdryers provided. Shaver points are okay.

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    what about phone chargers etc? will they work?

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    Yes, you can charge up your phone - no problem, also camera batteries, ipods etc. Problems arise with anything with a motor in it (hair dryers, hair stylers etc) or anything that needs to get very hot (straightening irons), with these you will need dual voltage ones or buy a US model like Faraway has.

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