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    Default Our Wedding At Couples Swept Away 10/3/11

    We were married on October 3, 2011, at Couples Swept Away. We will never go anywhere else in Jamaica but here! We made life long friendships with staff and other newlyweds! Before we came, I read these posts EVERY DAY! I was so nervous about the unknown! But you are taken care of when you are at Swept Away. The people of Jamaica are one of a kind. It was a life changing trip for us and made us realize how simple life should really be! If you are wanting to be pampered and treated like royalty for a week, then you will most definitely get that! But if you are also open to learning a new way to look at life and the way you live, then look to these wonderful people to show you this!
    The first night we were in Jamaica, we swam until the sun dipped behind the ocean. There was a local walking the beach, playing the guitar and carrying the most amazing voice! We stopped him and he sang several songs for us. I was mesmerized. We asked if he would sing at our wedding on that Monday, and he was more than happy to. His name was Ice Block. We told him the date and time....and hoped he would really come!
    Alecia was my wedding coordinator. What a great gal! She still check up on us to see how life is going! You can tell she loves what she does. She made everything go smoothly for the big day! I used the resort spa to get my hair done. They serve you champagne while they pamper you!
    We were supposed to get married at 4 p.m. so that we could get some sunset pictures after. It was a beautiful day and not a cloud in the sky...until about 30 minutes before I was about to walk down the isle! And it turned into a MONSOON of a rainstorm. I am not the "bridezilla type" so I was prepared to be a little disappointed about not having my envisioned beach wedding, but just happy (and lucky) to be in paradise. Alecia reassured us that no matter what she would make everything work. Luckily there was no one scheduled after us. We waited an hour for the rain to subside and ended up having a beautiful sunset wedding instead! And guess who was waiting for us during that whole hour of downpour....Ice Block! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect backdrop with the clearing skies and setting sun! Renford was our resort photographer. I was so worried about the wedding photography before we came, but didn't have a lot to spend on an outside photographer. And I had heard mixed reviews on the resort photography. So I left it up to our friends to snap photos. The resort photographers ended up being out and about anyways to take photos. Well, their photos were GORGEOUS!!!! We ended up ordering the resort photos and couldn't have been more impressed!!! (the pictures below are the resort photos) Request Renford as your photographer and you will not be disappointed!
    Ice Block gave us a CD before he left that day. It is the the most amazing music you have heard. Even our boys ages 3 and 6 request it every time we get in the car! If you have any questions, please ask! We LOVE to talk about our amazing trip!
    I am sure I have left some details out...I will add more later if I think of them!
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    beautiful thanks for sharing

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    Awesome pix!

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