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    Default Newlywed massage?

    Is it true that if you are Newlyweds you get a free couples massage? We will be at CSS. Is there special stipulations? Do we need to bring our marriage license? Theres nothing I want more in this whole wide world than a couples massage in a beach hut with my new husband! (we will be married the day before arrival)

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    You just have to arrive 30 days from your wedding and bring proof like an invitation maybe and you should be good to go. Congratulations you are going to have a blast!

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    If you haven't done it already, sign up for romance rewards (at the bottom of the page) , and you can order what you want in your minibar(pre-checkin). Then you start earning nights as you will be repeaters! Have fun

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    Bring some kind of proof (doesn't have to be a marriage license). Invitation, program, etc with your names and the date.

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    I believe you have to fulfill the following criteria to get the honeymoon benefits:

    -- Have proof of marriage (license)
    -- Visit within 30 days of marriage date
    -- Stay for 6 nights or more

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    Um...if they don't offer the newlywed massage, maybe you could take matters into your own hands.

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    i was told license or a copy of it.sign up before hand and tell them at checkin
    it was wonderful

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    Does this go for the couples getting married on the island?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FutureFritzels View Post
    Does this go for the couples getting married on the island?
    I was wondering this too.. We are having our wedding there and will also be our honeymoon. I would think we still get the free massage.. but does anyone know for sure??

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