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    Default Room Service at CSA

    I am planning on returning to CSA in the Spring of 2013. Does the resort provide breakfast room service to all of the rooms? I do recall a few years ago, room service was available for breakfast in the Garden Veranda Suites. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks loads!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Runner44 View Post
    I am planning on returning to CSA in the Spring of 2013. Does the resort provide breakfast room service to all of the rooms? I do recall a few years ago, room service was available for breakfast in the Garden Veranda Suites. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks loads!
    Yes, all rooms

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    Yes all the suites and it's continental type, pastries, fruit,juices, coffee. . Very nice!

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    I believe so. Last year, we stayed in a Great House Verandah room, and we were able to get breakfast room service.

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    Thanks to all of you for your feedback! We take a vacation to Couples once a year. It has been over three years since we were at CSA. Looking forward to our return! Happy summer everyone!

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    We are going in 3 weeks and booked a greathouse room. How did you like this room type?

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    We were at CTI the first week they implemented full room service. WOW!!! Fantastic! With Couples doing away with the horseback riding and now the Catamaran Cruise at CTI it was very nice to see them putting in full mini bars in all rooms, full room service and providing the reusable water bottles.

    It would be awesome to see the Negril resorts offer a complete room service menu. There are some evenings when you are simply too exhausted, not feeling great after too much sun or just want a quite evening in. Would it increase costs or cause too much stress for the staff to do this?

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    Aahh, the room service question. Something that has been suggested more than a few times on the message board and seems to have quite a bit of support from some repeaters and new folks as well.

    A bit off topic for this thread perhaps as only breakfast has been mentioned for the most part, but I want to drop my thoughts on the subject while I have a minute.

    My opinions are contrary to what many seem to hold on the subject of "full" room service at Couples resorts. I can only speak from the experience of staying at Swept Away, six visits, so I will address my comments to CSA specifically and the other resorts only in general.

    I am not in favor of full room service for CSA and here are a couple of reasons why. While it would appear to be a great convenience to have breakfast or dinner in the privacy and comfort of your own room I do not think the environment of the rooms is conducive to what this would entail and I believe the additional labor requirements for preparation, delivery and clean up would demand a substantial increase in manpower for the staff , the budget and, of course, increased room rates. It perhaps would be more feasible if it were done as an extra cost item like the private dinner on the beach. But this begins the slippery slope of creating "extras" to be added to what already appears to be a growing list of optional services being offered at an "all inclusive" resort. And the specter of a tiered system of guest levels suddenly becomes a reality at a place that prides itself on treating everyone the same with the same amenities available to everyone beyond the room category they have selected. A huge part of the charm of CSA, at least to us, is that we all have the same level of services with the exception of the aforementioned growing list of optional "extras".
    As for the rooms themselves, there does not seem to be, at least in my view, an adequate place for a full meal to be properly served without quite frankly making a mess of the room or verandah. I would not like to be staying next to someone having a full meal served haphazardly about their room with the resulting inevitable spills, leftovers and other unpleasant remnants being strewn about till a staff member has been called or has the time to come collect and clean up. How many hotels with room service have you been to and seen trays of half eaten meals left in the hallways till someone comes to pick them up? Sometime all night because the guest had not bothered to call for clean up. Can you imagine the mess, not to mention the possible critters that may be attracted, if this were to occur at CSA on even a semi regular basis? Ugh! That would be what some would call a "deal breaker", for us anyway.

    No, I am not in favor of full room service at CSA. Not in the least. For those that think it a good idea, give it some more thought before you go full on asking for such service to be added. I think it would open up more negative issues than it would solve and would wind up being a bigger head ache than we can imagine. These are just some of the issues that came to the top of my head while typing this post. If I gave it more consideration I could come up with a few more reasons, primarily health and safety issues, for not having room service provided, either as a standard or an optional cost item.

    I think the continental breakfast plan offered currently is about as far as they can take it and still maintain pretty good control of the things I mentioned above.

    Just my 2 cents folks. I figure Couples will do what ever they deem appropriate for their guests and their bottom line.

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    I have to agree with dirtleg as far as room service at CSA. Along with the reasons he's already stated, I'd think because of the set up of CSA the delivery and pick up of all day room service could pose a bit of a problem along the paths. I myself have never had an issue with sharing the path with the morning deliveries or the noise of the carts but I do remember some people commenting on it.And thats just for the current continental breakfast. Even though in theory it might be nice, in reality I myself don't think its a good idea.

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    I have to agree with dirtleg. As nice as it would be to have full service room service i think it would be a bigger mess than anyone would truly want. Lunch and dinner times arent times that you should want to spend in your room when visiting paradise. If you prefer to have more privacy then opt to get the private beach dinner. JMHO

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    I have to say that I was one hoping that full room service would be started, but after reading these responses I must say I've changed my mind. Well put dirtleg.

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    Dirtleg your comments are so thought provoking. My husband and I enjoy the wonderful coffee and rolls in the morning, while reflecting on this beautiful place. This is a real treat and a great way to begin our day in Jamaica. As for room service throughout the day, that is not important to us. CSA provides a wonderful setting of tranquility and service, which should not be disturbed. Thanks loads for your perspective!

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    I completely agree that there are some obstacles to offering full room service. Though I have no worries at all about any health and safety concern when it comes to room service and Couples.

    We were the amongst the lucky ones who were at CTI the first week they began their room service. It was AMAZING! Though the menu was limited to things like jerk chicken, red snapper sandwich, jerk burger and some other light fare it was all served quickly, hot and by wonderful staff members. We received a call by the kitchen staff about 45 minutes after the food arrived to see if we were happy with everything and to see if they could come and pick up the plates. So there are no food tray etc left sitting around.

    I also agree that no one would really want to sit in their room to eat dinner when in paradise. However at times there may be circumstances beyond our control. I happen to suffer from severe migraine headaches that I have no control over. If you have ever suffered from one of these you would know the last thing you want to do is go anywhere let alone have to get dressed, go out in public and eat. So yes it would be nice to have the option to call and have a sandwich brought up to the room. I have had to have my wonderful husband go to the buffet at times and beg them to allow him to bring me something back to the room at places that do not offer room service. I can't open my eyes to walk but they want me to come to the buffet?

    Maybe the answer is a light menu available until 9PM or so?

    I had read somewhere the the suites do have an in room dining plan one night during the stay as long as you let them know the evening before? SO if this is true what is the difference? Manpower......which I can completely understand.

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