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    Default Newbies from Breezes Grand (Grand Lido)

    Wife anI have been going to Grand Lido Negril/Breezes Grand at least every year since 1996. probably 35 trips in all. Just back from our anual anniversary trip and came home a little heart broken at the state of disrepair. The people at the resort are just as wonderful as ever but its just sad to see how far the resort has fallen.

    We are looking fo a new home. Walked through CN last week and really like it but the Au Natural beach was a nonstarter. So we have deided to give Sans Souci a shot in late September.

    Any other refugees from GLN/BGN who can tell us what to expect and some pointers?

    Thanks so much,


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    Parrot - We had 5 trips to Braco before all of the changes were made, which destroyed that wonderful property. That led us to Couples. We have stayed at CSA twice, and went over to CN on the trading places program. While there, we walked through GLN, and didn't like anything about it at all. Then, we tried Couples Sans Souci. We have been there 5 times, with trips 6 and 7 booked for December and April, and are toying with the idea of going in July as well. Why? Because the place is absolutely wonderful!! You will enjoy Sunset Beach WAY more than that little set up they had for A/N at GLN, it is a beautiful spot to enjoy an au naturel holiday. The resort is stunningly beautiful, and the staff are the best we've ever encountered anywhere.

    We have lots of information that we can send you about CSS and SSB, far more than we could put on the message board. If you'd like, send us an e-mail to, and we'll send it to you along with some of the pictures from our trips to CSS.

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    We started going to CSA when Grand Lido hit the skids. Not into the au natural so CSA is good fit for us.

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    We have been to Breezes Grand 9 times over the past 8 yrs and Grand Lido Braco 4 times. Finally making the switch to Couples. We always wanted to try Grand Lido San Souci!! We have a group space booked April 20-27 2013 and trying to get our Lido friends to join us!

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    Also we took a tour of Couples Negril, fantastic resort! Only the A/N area turned us off.

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    You should be right at home. CSS was a Grand Lido resort for years. I came over from Braco. Loved it at CSS except the hot tub is a POS on the an/side

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    Superclubs recently sold their Breezes Runaway bay property. This is probably why they are not keeping up with maintenance and repair. There are reports that they are no longer providing transport from the airport to the resort either. Too bad
    Like KaronON, we are San Souci fans as well, with trips already booked for this year and next. We'll be there September 29th through October 6th.
    You will love it there. The staff, the food, and the property are amazing. The big thing we like about it is it's a private resort with it's own beaches. There are no nearby hotels so only people who are guests and the staff are allowed. There are no walk-by's from other resorts or any vendors walking up and down the beach.
    There is a certain atmosphere and ambiance about the place that we have not found anywhere else. This will certainly not be your last trip there.

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    I will start with "To each their own" - I am not being critical.

    I don't understand the turnoff of the AN beach at CN. AN is not something I do...I really have no interest. So I don't go there. But it has zero impact on me. I can't imagine how it impacts anyone who isn't interested in it.

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    We too are transplants from GLN. Our first trip to Jamaica was to GLN. The next year, when we were contemplating going back, we were steered to CSS. We have been to CSS every Spring since and NEVER looked back!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MsHoo View Post
    Loved it at CSS except the hot tub is a POS on the an/side
    Not sure when you went but the hot tub at SSB was replaced on July 1st, 2010 and we found it to be a very nice replacement to the worn out hot tub that used to be there.

    SSB's New Hottub

    and here you can see it to the right of the pool.

    Sunrise at the SSB Pool
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    I used to love GLN and stayed there many times over a period of years. It was a great resort with high standards.

    I went back in March of 2011 after a long absence. I was appalled at the decline of the resort. Unhappy staff, utter lack of maintenance, lowered food service and quality, shabby rooms, awful conditions in the spa, broken equipment in the gym and an overall lack of cleanliness are what we found.

    We visited CN for the first time that trip (we are CSA regulars for more than 20 years) and the difference coming to CN from BGN was amazing. It gleamed with care and cleanliness, staff was warm and gracious, rooms simple but well maintained.

    We would never go back to BGN in its current state. It looks like Superclubs is divesting themselves of resort after resort so hopefully whomever takes over BGN will bring it back to life.

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    We are like you, we started at Sandals Royal in MoBay and then discovered Negril, started at H-II for (1) trip, had fun but the next trip we asked to be moved and they put us at GLN, we LOVED it and returned for many years and then you could see everything slipping, mostly all SuperClubs resorts were slipping. We stayed 2 or 3 times at CN and loved it but decided that we wanted to try somewhere else and we tried CSS and loved it also because of the a/n beach but we returned to Negril because we just love Negril. We are going to CTI in September and are looking forward to the great Couples experience at a new resort for us.

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    I was there is May 2012!!! The hot tub jets DIDN"T work. The control panel DIDN"T work. For being a NICE resort THAT HOT TUB is a piece of JUNK. Even if it worked the hot tub is to small for a hot tub party. Since I spend most of the time on the AN side I would think twice before coming back to CSS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    I will start with "To each their own" - I am not being critical.

    I don't understand the turnoff of the AN beach at CN. AN is not something I do...I really have no interest. So I don't go there. But it has zero impact on me. I can't imagine how it impacts anyone who isn't interested in it.
    Bert - If you are an AN person, then the AN beach at CN may be a little to public for the liking of some of us. CSS/SSB is much more secluded which works for many of us. We do miss the nicer beaches and sunsets at Negril, but the setup at SSB is much more suited to our needs.

    As you correctly, in my view, pointed out if AN is not your thing, then it should not matter.
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    JW1 - thanks for the clarification. I totally misread the thread and thought the non-AN folks were turned off by CN because of the AN beach. My wife corrected me and said "perhaps it is AN people who just prefer a better AN beach." Then I did my Rosanne Rosannadana "Ooooooh....never mind!" (you young'ins won't understand that reference )

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