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    Default Group reservations before you arrive

    It has been brought up (in other threads) that Group bookings have the ability to make reservations before they arrive at resort (particularly at CTI for the Cat Cruise). How can we do this and what reservations are available to be made?

    Thank you,
    Mark & Sylvia

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    You can make reservations for excursions that are not included (private charter cruises, ziplining, etc.. that you can charge to your credit card ahead of time) by calling a tour company.

    Excursions included with your stay cannot be reserved until you arrive and have a room number. Surely you can see why this cannot be allowed.

    The guests already there have first dibs on any included reservations for the time of their stay.

    Feel free to call Chukka Tours or any other tour company to book private excursions, it's the way to go for a large group that wants to do things together.

    But for free excursions included with your stay, you must wait till you arrive.

    There has been some confusion on this because some persons on here thought the included cat cruise excursions was what we were talking about when they were discussing CTI discontinuing it (which they are)... so if you want a cat cruise after that discontinuation date, you would need to book one privately at charge, and if you want to go on the included cat cruise and it's before they discontinue it, you'll still need to wait till you arrive and put your name in at that time.

    Hopefully this has been cleared up.

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    I find this seriously annoying if its true.if we can't reserve ahead of time why should groups?

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    Thank you for clearing that up. I agree it makes since to have the included excursions only available at the resort check in.

    Can't wait until were back home again
    Mark & Sylvia

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