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    Default Fun in the Sun - without getting sunburned?

    Hey all!

    We are just a few weeks away from our first trip to a Couples resort and have a question... What do you recommend for those of us who aren't yet sunkissed? Meaning, I don't want to get sunburned & end up spending all of our vacation in our room feeling miserable! Do you recommend a certain SPF/Brand? How do you protect yourselves so that you can still get tan and enjoy the outdoors without having to buy out all of the aloe in the area?

    Thanks for your tips (as usual!)

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    We are from Wisconsin, and go in December, so we also have no tans. We start out with SPF 50, and later go to SPF 30, apply it before you leave your room, and reapply often. Also, sit in the shade for a while when you feel yourself getting a little warm. I like Neutrogena, but if you do some reasearch, you will find that most of the brands are fine.

    Enjoy your time at Couples.

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    I am a blonde and fair skinned so I do pre- tan. I know it's bad but I have found if I don't. I will burn worse. I always wear a hat and use software 30 minimum. Don't forget the tops of your feet and your ears! Reapply often! It's no fun to have to sit in the shade the whole time, at least for me. I live in Minnesota so we don't get nearly enough sun and heat! Enjoy your trip.

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    Being blonde, blue eyed and white as a sheet is almost as bad as a red head! After 25+ years of traveling the Caribbean I have come up with Neutragena 75SPF for my face/ears the entire trip and a graduation of 50, 30 15 for the rest. Never laying in the direct sun and wearing a shirt when in the water to snorkel!!!!! This past April I was a slacker and forgot to pack T-shirts for snorkeling. BIG MISTAKE! I burned after being in the water with 50 SPF sport for about 30 minutes. I then got another burn sitting under a tree on a completely overcast day with 15spf.

    NEVER let your guard down even on the 14th day, 20th day etc!! You will burn! Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes BEFORE you hit the beach. Reapply often! Don't forget the tops of feet, ears and the part in your HAIR! If you get your hair braided wear a hat.....your scalp will burn!

    If you do burn get some of the FRESH Aloe plant and put it all over. It does work! It saved me big time this past April. I also always travel with a product called Vichy. It is a skin repair product that does work. It is expensive but a little goes a long way.

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    I don't think brand matters but how and when you apply. We put it on before leaving the room in the morning and we reapply every few hours or after getting out of the water. I also have been know to wear a t shirt in the ocean if I want to stay in longer then 30 minutes.

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    We have good luck with Coppertone sport spf 30. just use it multipule times during the day after you get out of the water..

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    I use the target brand Bring several types of lotion, Start out at 50 then go to 30. I found that works really well and i am very light skinned when i get there!!! Also Pack some solarcaine, I found I tend to miss bits especially if you decide to try the A/N side. nothing worse than a burnt bum!!! Have fun!

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    I would recommend nothing less than 30 no matter how well you tan, but if you are at all fair-skinned (like me) you would be best to bring 45+, 100, etc. The sun is STRONG. I like to bring a 50 or higher Neutrogena for my face (the kind with helioplex. Definitely only bring waterproof sunscreen. Since I have sensitive skin and hate getting burnt, I like the banana boat babies waterproof 50+ in the big bottle. And I always bring one of the convenient spray sunscreens, but be forewarned...they don't last long, so you would end up going through so many bottles if you relied on just the sprays, so bring a big bottle of lotion too. Hope this helps! I have suffered through so many bad sunburns!!

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    And I almost forgot, don't forget lip protection!! Sunburnt and chapped lips are the worst. I just discovered the Maybelline Baby Lips, spf 15... has a slight color, and protection!

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    I prefer Hawaiian Tropic and my hubby Banana Boat. I am dark and he is fair. Those things aside, we take several levels of sunscreen from 4 to 30. I use 30 on my face and shoulders, especially in the beginning. I am not working right now, so I do get the opportunity to sit outside from time to time and my hubby golfs every weekend, so his face, arms and legs get some sun.

    Okay, what you need to do with whatever spf, brand you decide to use is to apply BEFORE you get to the beach or pool. We apply before we leave the room for breakfast. Then the next thing is to REAPPLY OFTEN. Yes, it may state waterproof, it may state full day, but you need to reapply often and every time you get out of the water. Don't forget your ears and I wear a hat to protect my scalp. The recommended amount is 2 oz. per application. That is about equivalent to a shot glass. You could easily go through a bottle a day if you reapply often. But better that than sunburn on your vacation. The other thing we have learned is aerosol, while easy to apply, do two things. First is they blow everywhere but on you, so be mindful, if you are using them, of others around you. Second, they do tend to dry out your skin as they contain a lot of alcohol. We do use them, but only our backs. I have a sensory issue when it comes to applying lotions/oils on my back, so I use the aerosol on my back. Just my preference.

    What ever you do, apply before and reapply often.
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    Coppertone sport SPF 50. You will not

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    usual rules apply Sarah. Plenty of high factor sun cream (depends on your skin tone and how easily you tan) and keep applying regularly throughout the day. Best to put some on (all areas) in your rooms before you go. We usually take a handful of sun beds before we go (never, ever at any other times throughout the year as they can be harmful if used a lot) just to get a start but we still use plenty of cream whilst we are there.

    Warning: it is a very bad idea to think that clouds equals safety from the sun. We went to CSS two years ago and had, pretty much 14 days of cloud cover (no, it didn't spoil our holiday (sorry, vacation) as it was still warm enough to relax on the beach) but still arrived home with a fantastic all over tan (loving the AN beach!).

    have a great time! Once you go, you know.....

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    As a redhead, I have the same problem. Have you tried pretanning at a tanning bed? I usually go for about three or four weeks ahead of beach week and it helps build just enough base tan to keep me safe. Without doing this, even lotion as high as spf 50 or higher isn't completely effective. It's the only way I keep from getting miserably sunburned. (That was not my promotion of tanning beds as I realize they are not awesome for you.)
    After that, start from the top. The sun is very hot and I always start with a higher spf (the highest you can find) and work my way down if I want. You'll have to reapply in a couple of hours and probably need a few bottle anyway!
    Have fun the Jamaican sun!
    Everyting irie, mon!

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    I don't burn very easily but there is something about the carribean sun. I use SPF30 on my less likely to be burnt areas and SPF 45 for my shoulders nose etc..

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    Good question. I was wondering that myself. I have very fair skin cam burn easy. My plan is to get a bas tan before our trip in April, probably by a tanning bed.

    First Couples trip April 22-29,2013

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    I always buy Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock in either 35spf or 45spf. I normally go with the 35 though. My husband and I both use it for our face and body. I love it because it deosn't leave your skin feeling greasy and you don't have to reapply it as often. Neutrogena also has the spray sunblock too, I just dont like using it as much because it seems like you always miss spots and have a weird tan/sunburn. The spray is good for your hair though, like if you have a part or get your hair braided it helps to keep your scalp from burning. Hope this helps! Hope ya'll have a wonderful vacation!!!

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    Hi Sarah!

    Take SPF 50+ and use it every day. You'll be thankful you did! Take it from a South Floridian....

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    Hi Sarah!
    I understand what you are talking about. I am stuck in and office building 40+ hourse a week. Don't get much time outdoors to catch a decent amount of the Sun's rays.
    I am pretty fair skinned to begin with too. I know it's a big NO-NO, but I do the tanning bed thing for about 2 to 3 weeks before we leave and get a LITTLE tan (I use the weakest beds) so I won't burn.
    Also, I use SPF 30 when in Jamaica ~ still get color but no burning.
    Hope you have a great time in Jamaica!

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    I have found the EWG Sunscreen Guide to be very helpful in choosing a sunscreen:

    I know a lot of people like the spray sunscreens, but they are considered (by the EWG anyway) to be a real "no-no" from a health and environmental perspective...
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    Fair skinned here, sunscreen isn't much good if you go in the water often. Get a 50+ sport and make sure it's waterproof. You still have to reapply but I believe it stays on much longer.

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    Thank you all so much for your help! I have made a list of your great suggestions (start high, and work our way low, bring lots of it, reapply often, and wear a cover up in the water if snorkeling). I feel so much more ready for our big trip... first time and we are only five days away! Woo!

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