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    Default Even after reading all this I still have ?s

    After reading/researching for many months I still have some more questions. My husband and I are planning our first trip. I know you all say that you cant go wrong with any of the locations, but I am still obsessing over the right one for us. I am 99% sure we are down to CN or CSA..for today anyway..

    We are beach and sand people. Pool is not as important. We also want to be able to go out at night, some drinks, dancing etc. We are in our 30s and will be taking a short break from our four kids. So a social life would be a nice change.

    So my ?s are:

    Is there clubs, shopping,etc off the resort for either of these?

    Is one anymore laid back or anymore active than the other?

    Am I correct in the fact there is more beach at CN and CSA than there is at CTI and CSS?

    Thanks in Advance!

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    CSA has 5 miles of shopping, restaurants, little bars and clubs but I'm not into clubbing so I don't know if they are within walking distance. You can always take a cab at night to a club. I wouldn't walk the beach at night anyway. Cnegril has about 2 miles of beach that is shared with other resorts. That's the big reason we choose CSA as we have the freedom to go shopping and stuff. CSA also has a disco too so it all depends on what kind of crowd is there as far as nightlife. Trip #5 is booked for to CSA . Good luck deciding!

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    Well I haven't been to either yet, but I had the same problem. One thing is for sure, CN has a nude beach and CSA does not. This information helped me make my final decision.

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    Both resorts have a club that's open at night and stays open until the last guest leave. We've never ventured off the resorts at night. Both beaches are beautiful, but CSA probably wins there. CN is a smaller resort, but that makes it more social b/c you see the same people everyday and we liked that vibe. You can't go wrong with either resort....they are both WONDERFUL!!! Enjoy!!!
    Irie ,
    (Ladydia) Dianna

    CTI 2006, CSA 2007, CN 2008, CN 2009, CN 2010 twice
    CN 2012, CSS 2012, CN 2013, CSS 2014, CSA 2015

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    You may like CSA better because there are a lot of places to walk to right off the resort. But both CSA and CN are only about a five minute drive from each other do you can easily grab a cab from both places .

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    Go find the One Love Bus tour thread... :-) That's one reason we may try CN on our next trip.

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    If you are beach people, then I would stick to either CSA or CN for sure. I've been to CTI and while pretty, it's in a cove and is basically a man-made beach. There's no 'beach' to walk up and down like you can in Negril, and CSS looks like it's the same way. Negril also has touristy places like Rick's if you want to go off-resort, and there's the One Love Bar Crawl that will take you to different clubs.

    I've stayed at CSA and also saw CN from the water when we shared the dive boat with them. Their strip of beach seems much shorter than at CSA's, and CSA also has a large sports complex across the street. If money were no object, I would always choose CSA, but the other resorts all have their own features that make them special.

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    Thanks alot for responding!

    How about the spa? Are they comparable?

    I thought I was leaning toward CN but CSA sounds like there is more. Maybe thats what is boils down to AN or not. We never have before, could probably live without a little longer. lol

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    Five trips to CSA, two to CSS. None to CN. CSA has a great spa, however I believe you can use it if you are staying at CN. We love the beach at CSA. CSS has a lot of things that draw our interest also, but it is in a lagoon, not a beach like Negril. I think there is a lot more to do at CSA, but we like the tranquil feeling at CSS. Can't wait to return to either of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by socal View Post
    Go find the One Love Bus tour thread... :-) That's one reason we may try CN on our next trip.
    I'll go look for it thx.

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    I perfer the spa at CSA. It's across the road and very cool, quiet and private. Smell's like lemon grass. We really like going over for a soak in their spa pool and a massage. It's very relaxing at the end of a day in paradise.
    We've been to CSA and CN a number of times. Did a split stay this past April and loved both but CSA is our favorite. We really enjoy walking the beach and stopping at the local bars and restaraunts. There is always something different going on along that strip of beach. Felt a little isolated at CN because the beach is shorter and there are only AI resorts along that strip - but it is quieter and has fewer people walking past. Depends on what you are looking for in a vacation. There are great bars with local bands every evening within walking distance of CSA. You can walk down the beach and watch the sun set, have dinner and watch the show - but I would't walk home after dark. Very easy to grab a cab back to CSA for less than $10 including tip. If you want to go further down towards the cliff, pick a place and call to make a reservation. Most places will send a cab for you.
    Both CN and CSA have a disco and both depend on the crowd at the resort. I think the evening entertaiment at CSA in the Palms is better than at CN plus you have Ultimate Chocolate outside the Aura lounge if you don't care for the show at the Palms.
    Both CN and CSA have shopping trips into Negril. There are a few stores there but IMO, not worth the trip. A local jeweler and some artists set up a couple of evenings at both CN and CSA so no reason to go into Negril.
    Both resorts are great. The hardest decision is deciding between them.
    Good luck.

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