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    Default Accurate Real Time Weather Report?

    Does any one out there have a go-to website for real weather in Negril? I have seen a couple of sites but they are vague and have conflicting reports. We are going October first, and since it will still be hurricane season, it would be nice to know a day or two out if it is going to rain the whole time we are there. Then we could decide last minute if a reschedule would be the thing to do. Thanks! - chuck -

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    We use wunderground or accuweather but most forecasts will show rain daily - but in October usually in the afternoon for an hour or two. We have been 6x and our October 07 trip was good weather overall; we would hit the beach early and when the rain came at 2-3 headed for other activities. Enjoy and try not to worry about the weather - you are in Jamrock!
    Ya Mon

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    Try this. It's a "weather station" on the grounds of Swept Away. It's current conditions, but I don't think it gives a forecast.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Hi Chuck,

    I have never found any that were truly accurate, most will say a 30 to 40% chance of rain every day, but I really don't and won't pay any attention. We were there last week and prior to going the weather reports said that there was a 60% chance of rain. It did rain almost everyday, but not until the late afternoon and only for a few minutes. Because it is hurricane season the only thing that would make me re-schedule is if a hurricane was headed straight for Jamaica. Go, relax, enjoy.

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    NeedBlueWater -

    That SOOOO went into my favorites!

    guinessguy -

    Go to or, both of which have realtime weatherlinks.

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