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    Default February 2013 CSS

    Hello everyone!
    My wife and I have just booked at CSS for Feb. 2013. This will be our first time in Jamaica. I have heard nothing but great reviews but have several questions please.
    1) What is the appropriate amount to tip the shuttle driver? And the amount to tip the person that "watches'' your bags at the Couples lobby at the airport?
    How is the ride to the resort? Road conditions,driving style?
    2) Does anyone have pictures of the resort in Feb? I've seen a lot of pics of the resort but most of the pictures do not show a lot of people in them...
    3) I understand that Feb is a good time but I am wondering about water temps and such.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    We usually tip the shuttle driver $20. You do not have to tip the Couples employee who watches your bag at the airport, but you will need to tip the baggage porters, typically $1.00/bag.

    We were at CSS in February a few years ago. The water is a little bit cooler than the summer, but still very nice. There were plenty of people there, as that is high season for all the resorts. It did rain a few days while we were there.

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    check out the photo contest forum for pics ...looks the same all year round! As for the airport Red Cap, the website says Min. of $1 per bag for tip. And the shuttle driver? I have no idea - we arrive next week for our first visit I would assume $5-10 would suffice considering all the passengers will be tipping him.

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    When are you going? We are arriving Feb 26th for 8 days.We were at CN this year at the end of February and what Bob/Judy replied is what we experienced.Same with the tipping. Hope to see you there!

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    We have been to CSS twice in early Feb and going to be back home Feb 2013 (Feb 4 to 12). The weather is beautiful although there can be rain. Usually it is a short burst and then sunshine.
    We like going at this time of the year as its the worst part of winter for us in Canada.

    We usually tip $20 to the driver as its a 2 hour drive and they get you there safely. Often they give you commentary on the beautiful country of Jamaica. The roads are fine. The scenery is amazing. We think of the drive to and from the resort as another included tour and enjoy the beauty.

    Here are some pics from our stay. Sorry it does not show a lot of people but there are always people there. The property is so magnificent that you never feel like its crowded.
    Attachment 17054Attachment 17055Attachment 17056

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    Thanks for your info and pictures! We cant wait to get there!!!

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