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    Default Worried about weather next week (June 18-

    Should I be concerned about this?

    We land in Jamaica on Monday, June 18th. This website says "potential for flooding rains". Also, there is at least a 60% chance of rain every day through June 22 which is the farthest the forecast goes... Thoughts?

    What is there to do at CN if it's raining all day?

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    No worries, Mon!

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    I'm at CSS from the 17th-the 25th. It's the first time for me and my honeymoon so I worried a bit too. Found a link on the message board and it doesn't seem as hopeless.
    Better then what the weather channel makes it seem and you can see hour by hour its a pretty small chance we'll be rained out!

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    You are in the tropics there is always a chance of rain. My philosophy is "a rainy day in Jamaica is better than any day at home".

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    The chance of rain every day is the typical forecast. We've been in July and almost every afternoon there was a shower. No worries though, there's plenty of outdoor covered seating and bars, where you can relax and enjoy the afternoon shower. The game room also has pool tables and porch swings next to the lobby to sit and read.

    The beach after a shower...
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    We found ways to enjoy the afternoon, while it rained. Enjoy!!!

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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    If it rains, go to the Beach Grill and have a drink, go to the swim up bar and have a drink, go in the hot tub and have a drink, go under a tree and have a drink, go to your room and make some magic. It rained while I was at CN in April, and that's what we did. And just remember, you are not at work or home but on vacation - enjoy!

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    We are flying in on Monday too! We're supposed to get in to MBJ at 10am and the rain has me super stressed out. We're getting married on Thursday the 21st and if it rains I might have a melt down.

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    We had a fairly large group with my wedding party lst year and it rained pretty a good bit the first three days. If it wasn't lightning out we stayed int eh ocean or pool. It was raining so hard at one point we could barely see the resort from the buoy line. Our last 4 days was nothing but suneshine though. This was in June. Our first trip to CN was in September and it rained for about an hour everyday in the afternoon. As stated before, there are small things to do when it is raining.

    I have some friends at CSA now and they come back Monday. Hope they have a good time and the weather is fine for them.

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    We're getting to CSA on saturday and I've been watching the weather pretty closely as well. This is our second trip and I remember stressing about it last year too and then when we got down there it was fine. It rained at some point pretty much every day we were there but it was usually quick and then back to normal. I'm not a weatherman but I believe anytime you have warm water with high humidity (tropical climate), you've almost always got a chance for rain. It does look like their are a couple of systems out there that they're watching but they don't know if they'll develop into anything or what direction they're going. If it does rain, so be it; we can't control it anyway but I can control my BAC and make sure it doesn't get too low whether its raining or sunny

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    My suggestion to alleviate those newbie blues. Look at the hourly schedule for one day or 36 hr and you will see partly cloudy with chance of afternoon thunderstorm. Here is what is wont tell you it might rain for an hour. Does that ruin your day might have said 60% chance, doesn't mean 60% of your day you will be rained on. I have been to CSA multiple times and it always has rain in forecast and one day we did have one of those flooding type storms but guess what it lasted two hours and was right about the time for late lunch. So no worries mon!!

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    [QUOTE=bruin086;180835]Should I be concerned about this?

    a) only worry about things you can affect
    b) it is lovely even when it rains a lot
    c) it always rains a bit in Jamaica even when it "isn't raining today"
    d) it is rarely as bad as the forecasts make it look

    Enjoy your holiday.

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    I have yet to see a forecast for Jamaica that doesn't call for some type of liquid sunshine. Unless there are hurricane warnings I wouldn't worry about it.
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