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    Default Personal Trainer at CSA- Questions

    Hello! We are leaving for CSA on Friday and I was curious about the personal trainer at CSA. I have read reviews and posts about this, but it is not mentioned whether or not there is a charge for having a session of personal training. Has anyone done this? Can anyone shed light on what the cost is, if any? Also, how many times in a 10 day stay can we take advantage of this? Thanks, so excited to be returning home!

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    can't speak for CSA but At Cn there is a personal trainer and there is no charge for this.

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    No, there is no charge for this. Donovan is the main personal trainer at CSA & knows his stuff. I'm a personal trainer myself, & recommend him highly.

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    Personal trainer is included and also, if you want to learn to play tennis, you can have one on one instruction every day. Enjoy.

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    Get Donovan warmed up for us, Crazycoconut! We'll be there on the 7th, and we plan to see what he's got!

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    Donovan is an awesome guy. I've taken a few aerobics classes with him over the years. Haven't used him as a personal trainer with weights but I'm sure he's up to the task.
    Enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA!

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    Donovan is still around (March) but he has a formidable assistant now that he has another title! Enjoy!!!

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