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    Does anyone know if there is a charter boat service close to CTI. Ive always heard that fishing is great in this area and would like to see for myself. I could be totally off the radar with this question but just thought I would check. Thanks!!

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    I am also interested in doing some fishing while at CTI, I heard there is a charter but I don't know the name of it. When are you going? We will be there aug 20-30.

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    We will be there Aug 18 - 28th and would also be interested in some fishing. Maybe some of us could split the cost. We'll see when we get there I guess!

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    We will be there in starting sept 16th for our honeymoon.

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    Default Fishing

    YES, the fishing is GREAT! And they do a great job cooking for you too!
    Last time we were there 4 of us went out and caught 3 Tunas. They feed half the folks at dinner!
    Would love to go again! We will be there Dec. 7-14th. Last time, we just talked to the lady that schedules outings and put it together.
    Curtis & Tammy

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    If anyone wants to split a boat Aug 20-30 just send me an email at and we can probably make something work. Really excited to do a little fishing there.

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