We recently returned from CSS and spent some time at SSB while we were there. Most of the experiences were positive, but a few things bothered us. On the first day, we went the the recliners on the beach. Everything was fine until I looked up and saw a half a dozen children (mostly pre-teens) crossing the river and marching onto the beach. We quickly dressed and left. Apparently, they are allowed to traverse the entire beach as long as they stay close to the river. We later saw some adult fishermen doing the same thing. They would walk onto the beach and just stand there and stare. This made us both uncomfortable. We spent most of our time at the SSB pool. In our opinion, there were far too many "workmen" in the area, and this again made us both uncomfortable. Some were working, but others were just hanging out. Perhaps the "break areas" could be moved to another location. In a 90 minute period of time, I counted 17 different employees walking around and hanging out in the pool area. Most of them were not performing any obvious task. Overall, we had wonderful experiences at CSS and at SSB, but these issues probably need to be addressed.