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    Default Question about CSA being touched up a bit.

    Hi, this question is probably for managment, but Iv'e just booked a trip again to CSA for March 2013
    I noticed after reading several reviews on TA that plenty of people where complaining about CSA being need of a face lift. The last time I was at CSA was 3 years ago, and at that point I thought It was starting to look dated. I love everything about this place, but I have to agree that even a little bit of paint, and new furniture would make it look so much better. I understand that to do a whole do over would probably come in time. But why not paint and get new furniture? It would brighten up the resort a bit. I'm not trying to put my favorite resort down, just trying to make future people happier.And for the price, they seem to be disappointed.

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    I personally don't care about that stuff. I pay my money to be on that gorgeous beach and for the food and drinks. That other stuff just doesn't matter to me and I always wonder why people are so nitpicking. I guess I just don't get it.

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    Hi birdy! I know that when I was at Swept Away this March/April the nightclub was shut down over the weekend for renovations. There were also other renovations going on in the Great House area (I'm assuming that's why I was assigned there through the Secret Rendezvous program-love that mystery deal!). So it seems they are upgrading, although I'm not sure of the extent...

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    Giving it a facelift would change it into something else, we love CSA just the way it is!!

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    soft and Sono, Right on the mark!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonofthebeach View Post
    Giving it a facelift would change it into something else, we love CSA just the way it is!!
    I'm not saying it isn't beautiful, everyone always takes things the wrong way( if I didn't think so I wouldn't be returning for the 4 time) it's just that I see other peoples point of view in a way. All I'm saying is maybe paint a little and some new patio furniture, thats all I think it needs.

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    As a long time fan of CSA (over 20 years) I am in full agreement that the resort needs some investment, especially the rooms and bathrooms. There is a difference between shabby and shabby chic. JMO.

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    when we visited CSA in oct. 2011, they were painting most of the buildings and outdoor stairwells.

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    They always seem to be painting , fixing or building something every time we have ever been to any Couples resort. We have been to them all. I just think people like to complain.

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    Couldn't agree more Bearso.

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