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    Default Best way to invite guest?? Save the dates??

    What is the best way to invite your guests to the wedding in Jamaica, without being rude? We don't want anyone to get any ideas that we are paying for it, or do we want them to think that they are "expected" to go. Because they would have to pay for it, and preferably stay at the same resort. Can't affort to pay the "day passes"!! But we really don't expect too many to come (maybe 10-20), but we're finding difficulty in the "right way" to invite everyone.

    We are also having a party at our house about a month after, for everyone at home! I orginally really wanted to do "save the date magnets", but am also now having difficulty in wording for that too. Cuz i would want to have the Wedding date in Jamaica and the home reception date, but am finding its too much info for a small magnet.

    Please help! I need some suggestions! I don't know anyone thats done the destination wedding before.

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    If you post your email address, I can send you proofs of my inviataions. We invited 62 people, but are only expecting btw 40-50. I am also having a receiption a few months later at home, but my travel agent gave me GREAT examples for several different ways to word this. I can email you all the examples I have! Good luck!

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    When you send out your save the dates, include information about several of the hotels in the area, as well as price lists so that your guests can choose where they would like to stay at. Of course, I would make sure that Couples looks the nicest out of the resorts you let your guests know about....oh wait....they already do! =)

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    Hi JennyBenny --

    Our Travel Agent (we're going through Liberty Travel) is printing up complimentary Save the Date cards with her contact info and all the travel info for our trip that we are going to include with our Save the Dates. I am also going to include a card that indicates that we are having a Home Reception and that an invite to that will follow.

    If you're going through a travel agent, they should definitely be able to help you out with this! Mine at Liberty is great!

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    Thanks soo much for the info.

    my email is

    any examples would be awesome!!

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    Jenny -
    I sent the email with samples on Saturday (9/5/09). Let me know if you got it! Otherwise, I can send them individually. Not sure if the email file size was too large. Thanks!

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    Jenny, I sent you an email the other day with attachments, hope you got them.

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    yes i did get a few samples via email


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    Jenny, Congratulations on your wedding! We are doing the same thing. Our wedding is Oct 2nd and reception Oct 31st. I found a save the date magnet that had a calendar and we highlighted both of the dates. Then I put all of the travel information on our wedding website for ppl to see how to reserve and pay. I'm posting our magnet...I know it says Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, that's where we were originally getting married but we changed it to Couples after hearing about all of the drama in Mexico. We updated our wedding website and just sent a email out to everyone to check out the site for updates.

    Hope this helps...also I hope I'm not too late...are you getting married 10/20 of this year or next year?

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    we sent out invitations and added for more info on attending call or email us far we have 2 couples attending...but the resort is full...i think incases like this where the resort is full they should allow up to 6 people free....its not there falult there booked and have to stay else where..or even discount the entry fee...i feel bad having to charge people for a wedding

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    Thank you, thats a great save the date. congrats. were getting married 7/15/2010 thursday at CN. can't wait for the beach party!!!

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