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    My boyfriend and I will be visiting CTI on 6/18/12 for the first time. I work as a director of operations for a web design company- as such, I was really looking forward to having a break from planning, organizing, and budgeting time. The more I've been reading these message boards, the more getting away from these daily tasks seems like it will be impossible unless I just want to lounge around all day (which neither of us do. I'm in my early 20s)... That said- Can anyone suggest how to get to participate in the activities without it feeling like work and rushing around?

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    We make a list of the things we may want to do from the activities list they give you a check in. Actually, we just mark up their list. Then, if we feel like getting up off our butts on the beach, we use the list for something to do. There's nothing on it we have to do. About the only things you have to plan in advance for are water sports and dinner at the reservation restaurants.
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    Thanks Wally!

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    We go at the beginning of July. We only make reservations ahead of the time for the things we REALLY want to do, like a special night at certain restaurant. The rest, we do as we go. With our 6th trip coming up, we have pretty much done everything, so we just sit on our butts on our lounge chairs Look at this way, you will most likely be a repeater, so save it for next trip. This year, we may do the cat cruise as they are discontinuing that August 1. Last year we went horseback riding, which we had done the year before because they were discontinuing that excursion. So maybe this year, you will want to do the cat cruise as that won't be offered next year, at least at the all inclusive price.

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    This is an easy answer. Keep the itinerary sheet with you at the beach and do what you want or don't. You do not have to plan much. You can just walk up to an event and jump in. You'll be so relaxed soon that you may do nothing at all. That is great too.

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