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    Default CSS Topless Suntanning at pools?

    We know you can go nude at Sunset Beach at CSS but what about the pools, can you go topless at any of them?

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    Topless sunbathing is not allowed at any of the pools but you can go topless on the main beach. Hope this helps.
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    You cannot go topless at any of the pools on the main side, only on SSB side.

    You can go topless on the main beach at CSS.... I did not see but just one or two others going topless when we were there (at the main beach)... and with the beach being so small I felt more comfortable doing my topless sunbathing while floating out in the water (main beach).

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    We did not hang out at the main pool at CSS so I do not know

    they say you cannot go topless at the main pool at CN but when we were there, several were topless at the main pool.

    Not sure why it would bother anyone? there are no kids there.

    There are some kids walking on the beach at CN from the RIU and you can go topless there

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    Hi Harley Couple,
    At CSS I think you can go topless on the main beach, but can't do topless at the pools--other than SSB's pool where you must be topless and bottomless....If y ou check the FAQ section I think you will get an answer to your question!

    All the best!

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    No, but you can go topless on the beach. Mind you, I have never seen that nor have I done it either (topless on the beach that is!)

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    From the FAQs:

    TOPLESS SUNBATHING is allowed in designated beach areas:
    Couples Tower Isle: End of the pier off the main beach.
    Couples Negril: Main beach.
    Couples Swept Away: Main beach.
    Couples Sans Souci: Main beach.

    Topless is not allowed at or in any of our swimming pools.
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    Well not to disagree with anyone, last summer when we were at CSS there were several ladies that were sunbathing topless at the main pool. They were very discret about it, but they were doing it.
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    I see topless people at the pool all the time but it's always a couple of guys.

    Seriously. Don't understand the purpose for this rule. If your willing to go topless at the main pool then obviously your not worried about being seen. You can be seen just as easily on the beach as you can at the pool. Can't be a hygenic reason. You're sitting in a lounger either place and the pool is clorinated. No children running around. Would hope most people are mature enough to handle it or not be "offended"by it knowing that you are at an adult resot. What gives? Am I missing something?

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    Topless OMG!!!!!! Really

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    Quote Originally Posted by drbcwp View Post
    Not sure why it would bother anyone? there are no kids there.
    I agree, however wouldn't want to be kicked off property for breaking rules. Not sure what the big deal is....other than it's a rule.

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    That's where it seems confusing... I guess we will find out when we get there what the rules are.

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