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    Default anyone going to CN in June....interesting favor to ask.....

    my wife left a sweater at CN when we were there in May. The resort found it but it will cost $50 to ship back.....the sweater didn't even cost that much. curious if anyone from the States might grab it and we would pay for the shipping once you got back stateside, which should be much much cheaper.

    a long shot i know but she's pretty bummed. She left it in the lobby as the goodbye bus was picking us up to take us away.

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    We wont be there till August. But if you have no takers by then. Ill be glad to bring it back with me. Let me know!

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    We'll be there the last week of this month and I'll be happy to get it for you. Just let me know.

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    hey kerril, no takers yet! let me see if they will hold it that long for me. thanks!

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    We will be there the first part of July. We can pick it up if you would like. We live in California and so shipping from there should not be too bad, especially if it is by the US postal service. (if it fits, it ships)
    Just let us know. Hope you had a great time besides the lost sweater!


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    We'll be there July 12-22, let me know if I can help.

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    thanks everyone for replies!!! c1iafan, it looks like you will be there soonest (lucky you) is there a way to send a private message on this board?

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    If you just send me a message via Hotmail using the same name as here, we can communicate this way. Please include Jamaican Sweater in the title since your message will more than likely head to my junk mail file. Please let me know if you are not able to send me a message there. Talk to you soon.

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    thanks! you got mail.

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