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Thread: July 11-18 CTI

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    Default July 11-18 CTI

    We are first timers heading to CTI July 11-18 anyone else going that would like to meet some nice people from South Dakota? We are very excited to go and catn't wait. Also would like to take and advice from all you CTI masters!

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    you guys are going to LOVE it!!! wife and I just got back last night...

    Advice - go to the island the first day... this way if you dont like it, no harm no foul... however if you wait until your last day and it turns out you do like it then you're going to be kicking yourself that you didnt go sooner!

    Can't go wrong with any of the restaurants really... Bayside was really good (asain) and 8Rivers was phenomenal - Verandah was ok - for your first time it's nice to try it...

    Other than that, just relax and enjoy!!!!

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    Hi Cgregg,

    Head on over to the Meet Up at CTI - July 2012 thread. Add your names to the list, and we'll look forward to meeting you there. We also arrive on the 11th.

    Jim & Darcy from Missouri

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    Jim and Darcy

    Where are you guys flying through? We fly through Atlanta from Minneapolis. we are very excited to go!!!!

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    We have a non-stop from St. Louis on Frontier airlines. We'll arrive in MoBay around 12:40 pm. If our arrival time is close to yours, we may even be on the same shuttle.

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    cgregg, we will be there from July 6-13, this will be our 2nd trip and I agree with TandT about the island!! Have fun and enjoy!!!!

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    My husband, Kam & I (Carol), will be there from July 7th - July 14th (our 20th anniversary - July 11th!) Look foward to meeting you. We won't be hard to find -- my husband is almost 6'3" & I'm just 5'3"! Mutt & Jeff, I guess, but works for us!

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