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    Default "Just Us" Wedding at CN

    We are getting married at CN on June 17th! We are really excited! We went with the resort photographer. Is this not a good decision? Has anyone used the CN resort photographer? If so, could you post some pictures? I am a little nervous about this, but since it will be just us, I want to have great photos to show the family when we return. All suggestions welcome!!


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    Let me know what you find out about this! I am also getting married at CN next April. I think we are going with the resort photographer since it will be just us and my mom and sister.

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    Hi girls, I got married at CN in Oct 2010, and we chose the resort photographer, and he was great!! The wedding coordinator is also very helpful and just really sweet and genuine. I would suggest getting a time in the morning before lunch, if you can. We went with 2 and it was way too hot, as you can see by my husband's changing hairstyle, lol! Congrats to you both! Couples is a wonderful place, you will love it!
    Here's a link to our pics on facebook-

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    We are having a "just us" wedding, too and planning to use the resort photographer.

    Thanks for sharing your pics, Kelly. They make me feel good about our decision.

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    No RELAX our resort photographer was GREAT! I'll send you the link to my photos I also did a just us ROMANTIC, glad we choose to do it that way. Best wishes!

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