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    Default CSS - One bedroom Vs. Penthouse

    Just curious, what is the difference between the one bedroom ocean suite and the penthouse suite at CSS? The photo on the website looks the exact same and the description doesn't really say much. I know the 1 bdrm can have large balconies and excellent views, so I'm not sure what's special about penthouse? Hopefully nothing *too* special, since we already booked the 1 bdrm ocean

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    Hi Jane,
    July will be our 5th trip to CSS and we have stayed in penthouse trip for each visit. I think one major difference between the two categories would be location---there are only 11 penthouses and they are in blocks C, D, and E. I believe the 1 bedroom ocean suites can be in more buildings. The penthouses in D block have the huge balconies and can have 1.5 or 2 bathrooms. The penthouses in E Block have amazing views, but the balconies are a bit smaller than those in D Block and you can get some residual noise from the Balloon Bar in E block depending on your suite location.

    I just like knowing that whatever penthouse I receive, I will probably be centrally located on the resort so there won't be too many steps down to the beach or up to the Balloon Bar, Casanova, and the Lobby! CSS is such a wonderful place, book the room category that speaks to you and your loved one and have a FABULOUS time!

    All the best!

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    Hi Jane,

    The One Bedroom Suite is our favorite catagory to stay in. We've stayed in a penthouse a couple times where you'll find a larger bathroom with separate bed and livingroom areas. Save your money and enjoy the room you've booked. Besides, you'll spend more time exploring and enjoying the resort than in your room.

    Have a great trip!

    Bart & Bug

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