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    In our previous two trips to Couples (CN & CTI), we left on Saturday. Our flight was at 1pm so the "sad bus" left at 9am. On our next trip we leave CTI on a Wednesday with a 3pm flight. Does anyone know if there is a later "sad bus" or does everyone leave at 9am?

    Thanks, Dan and Amanda

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    They leave 4 hours before your flight...whenever that is. We left at 3am one time!
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    You leave the resorts 4hours before your flight.

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    Our flight home was at 2pm, and we left resort at 10am. I thought it would be too early, but it worked out to be spot on. The airport was packed with people leaving.

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    The policy is to have you leave the resort four hours before your flight. So, sadly, you will leave at 11 am.

    And as to the "sad bus". I think of it a different way. I used to have a terrible time when it was time to go. And I heard everyone referring to the "sad bus" that comes and takes you away. I'm not sad any more. Now we ride back on the "see you later bus". With that name, it leaves one with hope to be able to do just that, see you later. It's more of a friendly thought rather than the "sad bus that takes you away". Sounds depressing and ominous.

    Just a thought. Life is an attitude.

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    We visited CTI for our first Couples vacation in May. Our return trip was at 2PM and we were on a 'sad bus' that left at 10:15AM. CTI assigned us this time based on the return flight info that we gave when we arrived. We checked in with our airlines the night before on the internet and paid for our baggage. When we arrived at the airport there was a line at the counter, but I approached an airline employee who was standing by the ropes and told her we were checked in and had already paid. She lifted one rope and let us go to the head of the line. We then had time to grab a bite to eat before our flight.

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    Don't know about CTI but at CN, CSA, & CSS .... We've always left about 4 hours before our return flight ..... For example when we're at CN, our return flight is sometimes at 3:30 & we are on the 11:15 shuttle & sometimes it's at 2:30 & we're on the 10:15 shuttle .... They pick up the CSA guests & stop to pick up CN's guest's after that so that's why it's not on the hour. I'd say you'll be on the 11:00 shuttle so will have plenty of time for a last drink or 2 before you have to get on that stinkin' good-bye bus ....

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