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    Default Romance Rewards t-shirts

    We are headed to CTI & CSS at the end of September. Getting ready to do the pre check in and register for our romance rewards t-shirts. Does anyone know what type of shirts they are doing this year? We are trying to determine what size to order. Last year the women's shirt was not the basic cotton t-shirt and I had ordered the wrong size.

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    At CN in March 2009, I received a men's t-shirt; a basic cotton tee. At CSS last week, I received a fitted women's t-shirt, which I prefer.
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    OK, now I really enjoy getting those repeater t-shirts, but I didn't like the ones this time. They were just generic Couples t-shirts w/ all the Couples names on them. And, we totally did not like the front wording -- my husband says there's no way he'd be caught dead wearing it outside the house. And, he wears his other Couples t-shirts all the time (good advertising for Couples) & gets plenty of comments about them.

    Both t-shirts were basic cotton.

    Oh, I did the pre check in too & the shirts were given to us when we checked in !! (very efficient) !!


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    In July at CTI they were T-shirts. If the it does not fit, they will exchange it for you, no problems. My wife's did not fit and she changed it out with no issues.
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    maybe you talk to randymon and set up a t shirt design event... couples can make a donation along with their design. then the monies can go to charity. the winning design will be next year t shirt.... what do you say randymon. Based on the passion of this board i am sure we will see some incredible designs

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    I wear mine out all the time. It is an XXL and it must be a kids XXl as it fits and I am a size 10. No problem with shrinkage which was a huge surprise. Maxine was very nice about searching for one until we found one we thought would fit.

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    At CN in July we received shirts that were combo sized - S/M and L/XL. The larger shirt did not fit hubby and barely fits me once it went through the wash and dryer. I wear them as night shirts but too prefer the older style ones. Can't complain - free and we love our Couples cooler bags.
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