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    Default What Penthouse suite to request at CSS...??

    We are booked in a 1- bedroom beachfront suite, but after reading all the reviews , should i request a penthouse apon check in ....? And if so what penthouse is the nicest , shower ,views, balcony .............or just stay in the beachfront suite??? Ty

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    Hi Ty,
    You are exactly like me! For our first trip I selected the beachfront suite, but then changed my mind and upgraded to a penthouse suite. I'm so glad I did!!!! We got the Steve McQueen Suite on our first trip, D-14, and it was amazing!!!! It has a huge walk in shower and a large balcony with a cushioned sofa, coffee table, two loungers and a table that has 4 chairs. The balcony overlooks the main beach and lawn. On our other 3 trips we have also booked Penthouse Suites and stayed in the Roger Moore Suite, D-20 (next door neighbor to the Steve McQueen Suite), the Frangi Pani Suite E-12, and the Pavoratti Suite C-8. All have been wonderful, but I will say that the E block penthouses have smaller balconies but have awesome views out to sea over the Mineral Pool. They also can be a bit noisier since they are close to the Balloon Bar. We have trip number 5 booked for July and can't wait to find out what penthouse we will get this time!

    I will tell you though, that since there are only 11 penthouse suites, they tend to sell out fairly quickly. If you want to upgrade, I would do it now, so you won't be disappointed when you check in.

    Have a great trip!

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    Beachfront is close to the lawn and has easy access to the beaches. The rooms are in the newest part of the property, and all have nice ocean views. They are very nice and the best views are from the second and third floors in A Block.

    As far as the Penthouses, they are ALL nice. That's why they are Penthouses. They are older, larger, and have a lot of character. Each is unique. We love all of them in Blocks D and E. The only one we did not care for (because of the lack of balcony) was the Pavoriotti suite in Block C.

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    None they are to big and how much time are you going to spend in your room at such a beautiful property! Just our opinions

    Todd & Linda
    April 2008, March 2009, April 2010, Oct 2010, April 2011, April 2012, April 2013, April 2014

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    Thank you guys for your comments.....if i was to upgrade what would you think the difference would be .?

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    We loved our penthouse BECAUSE it was a bit further away from everything. We loved the walk! Our balcony was amazing and that's where we spent all of our time when in our room. We were in D-21, Angela Bassett.

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