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    Default Inclement Weather during visit to CTI

    Can anyone tell me what activities might be available (ahem...besides the obvious) if it rains for several days in a row? Looking at the weather report for travel next week (June 18-22) it might rain for a few days. To be honest, it will probably be just fine with us :-) however, will the pool still be open? Will Tower Isle be open?

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    Spend time at the Spa, it is soooooo relaxing Or check with Kay & Ava, they always have fun in mind. If the water isn't too wild you will make it to the isle, always fun over there for those who dont mind an all-over soaking There is always the tower or by the bar for shelter. Enjoy your stay, we're very jealous x

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    We spent an entire week at CTI a couple years ago and it rained the entire time, matter-of-fact, we saw the sun on the way to Ocho Rios the day we arrived and then again on the way back to the airport. I had less tan going home than when I arrived in JAM.

    The water was rough so the island and all water sports were off limits.

    We did not find many activities offered at the resort or didn't really look for those activities, but a few things are offered. We spent alot of time at the swim-up bar, we watched TV, slept late, we relaxed on our balcony and read. The went into town on the shopping excursion, went horseback riding, and took a zipline excursion - yes many of these in the pouring rain. The good news, CTI buildings are all connected, so at night once dressed for dinner you don't need an umbrella. CTI is the best of the 4 for rainy weather.

    I hope I am not sounding negative, we had a great time! The rain forced us to leave the beach, when typically if the weather is pretty we never leave the property. If it rains, play in the rain.

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    The weather forecast almost always says it will rain, and it probably will at some point. The pools are open, and the island will be open unless the seas are too rough for the little transport boat. You could visit the spa, there are (or at least were last time we were there) board games/cards available on the patio, take a walk in the rain, read, or whatever. We had no problem with nap time during the rainy times.

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    Thank you all for the responses. We absolutely have no problem with rain - even if it rains all the way through our short visit. We will definitely stay in the water - whether that's pool water, ocean water or rain water :P

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    We're going to CSA on saturday and have been worried about the forecast as well, not that we can't have fun either way but we have some "newbies" going with us and I want them to be able to get the full experience. Also we're getting married on tuesday and I'd really prefer to do it on the beach without the rain.

    We were down there last year and it did rain pretty much every day but it was for short increments so that's what i keep telling myself could happen. Also, it's the tropics and with that much humidity things can pop up pretty much anytime so it's super hard to predict.

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    this is just the best irony EVER!! First visit to Jamaica and it looks like rain all next week with "flooding rains possible" on Monday - the day we arrive. I hope we can get to the resort intact.

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    I'll be there from the 18th-23rd, also from Southern California... More irony. :P

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    Outstanding! Come find us! We'll be the cute, drunk couple by the pool. ;-) I can hardly believe we'll be in JAMAICA on Monday. It'll be turture trying to get through this weekend LOL!

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    Wait, you can't be the drunk couple by the pool- that's us!

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    I'm Carey and my boyfriend is Logie. We live in Houston, but I'm from San Diego and Lo is from Pomona. Hope to meet you guys next week!

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