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    I see on the FAQ page that SSB is for AN until 6pm (9-6) April through August. And until 5pm (9-5) the rest of the year. Is this time change new for this year? I thought last year it was until 5pm all year long. Also for those who have been there in April and May, did you find people starting to come over at 5 not knowing the time is later? Is the time posted outside the entrance? This is great to have the extra hour!

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    Actually, some people stay AN even after 5. They just stay up near the bar/pool. Most people won't look up there for fear of seeing an Nekid person. However, you have to be comfortable with having those that are clothed looking at you.

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    I also would like to know if the hours have changed. We were at CSS last August and went to SSB at 5:00 one evening to view the sunset. I hope we didn't violate any rules or make anyone uncomfortable. We sat on loungers out towards the water and respected the privacy of the "nude" people up by the pool. We do not have any issues with people being nude. Although we don't partake in this activity publicly, we have our own pool, but do frequent motorcycle rallies and are used to seeing people in various states of dress. Anything from topless to only tennis shoes. Not a big deal to us. Everyone enjoys life in thier own way.

    Plannig on returning to CSS next year and like the fact that ANYONE can go over and checkout the evening sunset with thier spouse. I just want to give the people that are there thier privacy and not make anyone uncomfortable by showing up an hour early.

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    lol...there were quite a few textiles at the bar after 5. We did not want to leave nor did we want to stop drinking. We simply strolled up to the bar (naked) and ordered more drinks. The textiles were aghast and all looked away!

    My advice to those of you who might be uncomfortable is to start drinking more!
    Ohio Couple...looking forward to shots of Appleton and Jamaican food and the SSB experience!

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    @Rock's Mom
    Too funny! We were usually gone by then but last time there we were witnesses for a 4pm wedding. After all the wedding festivities we went down to SSB and took a cool swim.
    People were down for sunset would start to stroll over to the pool, see us, do a big ole U turn and back away! I didn't realize we looked that bad naked!!!!!!!! lol

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    We were at CSS in late may 2012 and I had no idea that it was still Au Naturel until 6pm. Whoops!!! On the non-cloudy days we went over there at 5pm. One day there were 4 nude people in the pool, but the bar and beach were full of clothed people. The other days were clothed people only after 5pm. The nude people didn't seem to care that everyone else was clothed, so I guess it was ok? I just thought they didn't want to get dressed! I didn't know that everyone else was an hour early! It doesn't bother me... I'm impressed that they are that comfortable in their skin... I'd rather be wearing a parka than be nude, lol.

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    We where there in May.I think it was 6pm then...Some did stay nekkid up by the pool.One young couple was naked over in a corner-maybe asleep.When they noticed about 50 people clothed she jumped up with towel on.Kind of funny.We got dressed about 10 min before.
    Also,we went over there at 8am to enjoy the alone time.

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    We just got back and I still can't figure out the correct time. I asked at the front desk, and though not 100% sure, sounds like officially it is until 6pm April through August. But I think the general belief among guest is that it is always 5pm throughout the year. I don't think it is communicated well. They really need a sign at the entrance showing the times. That way no confusion. I put that down as a suggestion. Maybe management could address this here.

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    Can you go to the au beach CSS at night and use the pool and hot tube naked? I may not be able to get my DH to go during the day but maybe at night.

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    Basically after 5PM or 6PM it sounds like clothing optional?

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    Quote Originally Posted by columbo View Post
    Basically after 5PM or 6PM it sounds like clothing optional?
    I think it's more like clothing optional until someone complains. We came for the AN, so we just made sure to leave by 5p. I did notice a few people stayed nude as we were leaving, but most people started covering up-- or packing up-- before 5p in anticipation.

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