Our wedding at Couples Negril was amazing!! I absolutley suggest this place to future brides!! The grounds are just beautiful!! Couples Negril knows what they are doing when it comes to weddings!!
And of course I have to give a shout out to Kenisha Dell for making our wedding day run extremely smoothly!! Thank you over and over again!!

We stayed for 8 nights and just went with the complimentary package! The only thing that I paid extra for was flowers and my dress steaming. You don't have to upgrade the flowers if you don't want to, but I think I paid around a $100.00 and I was able to upgrade my bouquet, my maid of honors bouquet and my husand and his best man's boutonnieres. They were able to spray paint my flowers the color of blue that I had as a wedding color. They were just white flowers and the tips were spray painted blue!! I thought that was very thoughtful of the resort to do that for me. They could of very easily just gave me the white flowers, but they are full of ideas and they want you to have a perfect wedding day!! The dress steaming is $75. But, for planning a wedding so far away, I was for sure there would be hidden costs, but there wasn't any! Those were the only two things that I paif for!!

We were married at 11 AM and I am so glad I choose the timeframe!! I initially had a 4PM wedding time, but I had read so many reviews that said that they didn't like that timeframe and that it rains in the afternoon more often! The sun is more vibrant and the water is such a gorgeous shade of blue at 11. For my wedding day, of course I wanted sunny skies and tourquise blue water and luckily I switched my timeframe and I was lucky enough to have just that!!

My advice is to not sweat the small stuff and just enjoy your entire time on both our wedding day and your vacation!! This resort is amazing and they will do anything to make sure your trip and special day are everything you hoped it would be! All you really have to do is show up!! You don't have to worry about decorations or planning everything down to the verY minute! Just have your wedding party ready to go 15 mins before the ceremony and Kenisha will take great care of you!! Just enjoy it, enjoy it, enjoy it!!

The resort photographers were great, but having wonderful wedding photos was like number one on my list, so I decided to get an outside photographer to take my pictures! I went with Marcia Roberts!! ABSOLUTLEY loved her and her partner!!! They did such an amazing job with my photo's!! Marcia was very easy to work with. I had e-mailed a couple of different photographers all at once and Marcia responded right away!! Since she responded so quickly to me and because her photo's on her website were so good, I just knew I wanted to work with her right away! Both her and Chris were there on time to start taking photo's and they were so fun to work with!! Always cracking jokes and making us feel comfortable!! Marcia put together a photo montage of our wedding day together in time for my reception back home and I thank her so much for that!! My family and friends were able to get glimpse of how prefect our day really was all in thanks to her!! My reception was only two weeks after my wedding day, so she worked really had to make sure it was done it time!! I would recommend Marcia Roberts Photography to anyone!! Very professional and it is easy to tell that she loves her job and she loved making memories for your special day!!

Here is the link to our wedding photo's!!


Go to jamaicanphotography.com and click on Destination Weddings and then clink on Jenna and Bowie if the link doesn't work!!